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Project-Pet-Shop: The Adopt Your Friend dApp (v1.0)

Inspired by the Truffle-Framework "Ethereum Pet Shop" template: We present a blockchain based gaming application created for use with social media platform APIs and Webhooks (dApp v1.0 is configures for use with Facebook's Graph API version v2.12 and current SDKs)

Current build is a working-alpha and enables users to purchase their friends/followers via [adopt] function and currently engages the users web3 instance, or metamask in order to interract with Ethereum nodes. (Social network versions do not utilize metamask's web3 injection in preference for integration with each platforms API and webhooks)

Contract provisions allow for purchasing users to create unique attributes to assign [nameId] (modifies nickname rights) and the right to dictate a jpeg of their user-defined spirit animal then share, collect or sell their friends via smart contracts on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain.


 Utilizes the Ethereum (2.0) blockchain, [ERC-875] [ERC-721] & [ERC-223] tokens in conjunction with platform permissions to assign smart-contract identities to (connected) social network users.

 Facebook platform-side interface is "User Friendly" & avaiable to any user who wishes to participate. It requires no knowledge of coding however, contracts conform to Ethereum 2.0's native language, Solidity & are formatted as pragma solidity ^0.4.17

 This project doesn't intend to issue any form of tokens publically, nor intend to offer an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We strive to rely on a scalable and sustainable revenue-based model while offerring a product that users will enjoy.

 We intend to provide a fun way to digitally customize then collect, share, or trade friends via smart contract, with a transparently secure proof of ownership and value guaranteed by digital scarcity.

 Player interraction includes exchanging their friends with other users via an in-app Auction marketplace as well as external platforms like opensea.io via Web3.js / Metamask client.