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Anolis literature collection

This respository hosts an ever improving bibliography of literature relating to Anolis lizards. This file in then used to create the Anole Literature page on Anole Annals. If you have citations to add, we encourage these be submitted as a pull request.

The collection is saved as a BibTeX file, a format used by the Latex markup language. Free software like Bibdesk, JabRef, and BibTool can be used to open BibTex files directly and most major citation software packages (e.g. Endnote, Papers, Mendely, Zotero) can import BibTeX files.

To download:

  • Click on the "Clone or download" link in the upper right hand corner to download as a ZIP file

  • Alternatively you can use git from the Terminal:

git clone

Which will clone the latest repository in your present working directory.