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GeneWeb is a free (as in free speech) genealogy software with a web interface created by Daniel de Rauglaudre.


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GeneWeb is an open source genealogy software written in OCaml. It comes with a Web interface and can be used off-line or as a Web service.


Quick and easy live GeneWeb test

Installation (for users)

WARNING: before installing a new version of GeneWeb, it is highly recommended to save your bases into .gw formatted files.

When installing a version of GeneWeb with the "pre-release" qualifier, you are participating to the collective test effort (thanks for your contribution). You should keep aside the previous version you were using and refrain from extensive updates or additions in your bases until the "release" qualifier is effective.

Any problem you encounter or issue you want to raise should be entered on the issue page of the GitHub repository (

Download the file corresponding to your environment from the releases page.

Extract the distribution folder and place it at the location of your choice. You may also rename it. Its content is as follows (this example is for a GNU/Linux distribution; other distributions are very similar):

├── bases
├── CHANGES.txt
├── gw
   ├── a.gwf
   ├── connex
   ├── consang
   ├── etc
   ├── ged2gwb
   ├── gwb2ged
   ├── gwc
   ├── gwd
   ├── gwd.arg
   ├── gwdiff
   ├── gwfixbase
   ├── gwrepl
   ├── gwsetup
   ├── gwu
   ├── images
   ├── lang
   ├── plugins
   ├── setup
   └── update_nldb
├── install-cgi
├── LICENSE.txt
├── LISEZMOI.txt
├── README.txt
└── START.htm

Starting the GeneWeb servers may depend on your specific environment.




Apple provides a security mechanism preventing users from executing applications which are not provided by authenticated developers. Such applications cannot be started by double-clicking on their icons. Apple provides a two-step mechanism circumventing this security:

  • Right-click on the application icon (gwd and gwsetup). This will pop-up a window mentioning the security issue and providing an "open" button. Click on this button to open the application. Ignore the resulting messages as no parameters were provided.
  • Once gwd and gwsetup have been started in this fashion, they will be white-listed on your machine and subsequent opens will succeed.

After white-listing gwd and gwsetup, double-click on the geneweb.command file which will launch both servers with appropriate parameters. With the configuration provided in this launch command, the bases are located in the bases folder. You may reorganize your folder structure (and launch command) as described in the documentation at


Quite similar to the MacOS solution, without the security check. xxx.command files have an equivalent variant.



See Contributor guidelines.

Installation (for developers)

See geneweb.opam.

Build instructions

  1. Run the configuration script
    $ ocaml ./
  2. Build the distribution
    $ make clean distrib

You can have a description of available configuration options using

$ ocaml ./ --help


All files marked in this distribution are Copyright (c) 1998-2016 INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique) and distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE file for details.