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Gengo Java Library (for the Gengo API)

Translating your tools and products helps people all over the world access them; this is, of course, a somewhat tricky problem to solve. Gengo is a service that offers human-translation (which is often a higher quality than machine translation), and an API to manage sending in work and watching jobs. This is a Java interface to make using the API simpler (some would say incredibly easy).



Simply run ant from the base directory after checking out. This will download dependencies, compile classes and package the library in lib/gengo.jar. Add this jar file to your classpath to start working with the library.


Run mvn package from the base directory. Package is built into the target directory.


Quick start:

  • Checkout code from github
  • File menu > New Java Project
  • Uncheck "Use default location"
  • Set project layout to Use project folder as root for sources and class files
  • Browse for location checked out code
  • Hit next
  • Hit finish
  • Build!


The JSON in Java package by Douglas Crockford.

Example Code

import org.json.JSONException;
import org.json.JSONObject;

import com.gengo.client.GengoClient;
import com.gengo.client.enums.Tier;
import com.gengo.client.exceptions.GengoException;
import com.gengo.client.payloads.TranslationJob;

public class ShortExample
    private void ShortExample() throws GengoException, JSONException
        GengoClient Gengo = new GengoClient(ApiKeys.PUBLIC_KEY, ApiKeys.PRIVATE_KEY, true);
        List<TranslationJob> jobList = new ArrayList<TranslationJob>();
        jobList.add(new TranslationJob("test_job_slug", "This is a short test job", "en", "es", Tier.STANDARD));
        JSONObject response = Gengo.postTranslationJobs(jobList, true);

Question, Comments, Complaints, Praise?

If you have questions or comments and would like to reach us directly, please feel free to do so at the following outlets. We love hearing from developers!

  • Email: api [at] gengo dot com
  • Twitter: @gengoit
  • IRC: #gengo

If you come across any issues, please file them on the Github project issue tracker. Thanks!


Check out the full Gengo API documentation.

Credits & License

This library is based on the excellent C# interface by Saqib Shaikh

The library itself is licensed under a BSD-style license. See the enclosed LICENSE.txt file for more information.


A Java library to interface with the Gengo API for translation.




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