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Gengo Ruby Library (for the Gengo API)

Translating your tools and products helps people all over the world access them; this is, of course, a somewhat tricky problem to solve. Gengo is a service that offers human-translation (which is often a higher quality than machine translation), and an API to manage sending in work and watching jobs. This is a Ruby interface to make using the API simpler (some would say incredibly easy).

Installation & Requirements

Installing Gengo is fairly simple:

$ gem install gengo

Tests - Running Them, etc

Gengo has a full suite of tests, however they're not currently automated. Each script in the examples directory tests a different Gengo API endpoint; run against those if you wish to test for now.

Question, Comments, Complaints, Praise?

If you have questions or comments and would like to reach us directly, please feel free to do so at the following outlets. We love hearing from developers!

  • Email: api [at] gengo dot com

If you come across any issues, please file them on the Github project issue tracker. Thanks!


The usage of the API is very simple - the most important part is getting authenticated. To do this is just a few lines of code:

require 'gengo'

gengo ={
	:public_key => 'your_public_key',
	:private_key => 'your_private_key',
	:sandbox => true, # Or false, depending on your work

# Get some information
puts gengo.getAccountBalance()

With that, you can call any number of methods supported by this library. The entire library is rdoc supported, so you can look at more method information there. There's also a full suite of test code/examples, located in the examples directory. Be sure to checkout the Gengo API documentation. Enjoy!