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sample news feed written in scala

This is a rudimentary news feed micro-service, written in Scala, with the same features as which is written in Clojure.

This is a micro-service that used to be hosted in spray but I found that I could more than double the throughput when I moved it over to using finatra.

This micro-service uses the following technologies; kafka, redis, solr, cassandra, mysql, and postgresql.

See doc/ for a more detailed explanation on how to get everything up and running. You can also just use the docker image instead. Be sure to add the following hosts when running the image; mysql_host, cassandra_host, redis_host, kafka_host, solr_host.

I did this so that I could be able to compare and contrast Scala and Clojure when it comes to writing heterogeneous data source micro-services. See the following blog on what I discovered.