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Resolwe is an open source dataflow package for Django framework. We envision Resolwe to follow the Common Workflow Language specification, but the current implementation does not yet fully support it. Resolwe offers a complete RESTful API to connect with external resources. A collection of bioinformatics pipelines is available in Resolwe Bioinformatics.

Docs & Help

Read about architecture, getting started, how to write processes, RESTful API details, and API Reference in the documentation.

To chat with developers or ask for help, join us on Slack.



Resolwe runs on Python 3.6 or later If you don't have it yet, follow these instructions.

It's easiest to run other required services in Docker containers If you don't have it yet, you can follow the official Docker tutorial for Mac and for Windows or install it as a distribution's package in most of standard Linux distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu,...).

Using PyPI

pip install resolwe

Using source on GitHub

pip install<git-tree-ish>.tar.gz

where <git-tree-ish> can represent any commit SHA, branch name, tag name, etc. in Resolwe's GitHub repository. For example, to install the latest Resolwe from the master branch, use:

pip install


We welcome new contributors. To learn more, read Contributing section of our documentation.