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Resolwe Bioinformatics

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Bioinformatics pipelines for the Resolwe dataflow package for Django framework.

Docs & Help

Read about getting started and how to write processes in the documentation.

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Make sure you have Python 3.6 installed on your system. If you don't have it yet, follow these instructions.

Resolwe requires PostgreSQL (9.4+). Many Linux distributions already include the required version of PostgreSQL (e.g. Fedora 22+, Debian 8+, Ubuntu 15.04+) and you can simply install it via distribution's package manager. Otherwise, follow these instructions.

Additionally, installing some (indirect) dependencies from PyPI will require having a C compiler (e.g. GCC) as well as Python development files installed on the system.


The preferred way to install the C compiler and Python development files is to use your distribution's packages, if they exist. For example, on a Fedora/RHEL-based system, that would mean installing gcc and python3-devel packages.

Using PyPI

pip install resolwe-bio

To install a pre-release, use:

pip install --pre resolwe-bio

Using source on GitHub

pip install --pre<git-tree-ish>.tar.gz

where <git-tree-ish> can represent any commit SHA, branch name, tag name, etc. in Resolwe Bioinformatics' GitHub repository. For example, to install the latest Resolwe Bioinformatics from the master branch, use:

pip install --pre


We welcome new contributors. To learn more, read Contributing section of the documentation.