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@zaidka zaidka released this
· 235 commits to master since this release
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  • A brand new UI superseding genieacs-gui.
  • New initialization wizard on first run.
  • New expression/query language used in search filters and preset
  • CPE -> ACS authentication is now supported.
  • New config option (CWMP_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT) to specify how long to wait for a
    reply from the CPE before closing the TCP connection.
  • Debug logging has been reimplemented utilizing YAML format for logs.
  • Handle 9005 faults (Invalid Parameter Name) gracefully by attempting to
    rediscover the path of the missing parameter recursively.
  • declare() statements not followed by an explicit commit() are now deferred
    until all currently active scripts have been executed.
  • FS_HOSTNAME now defaults to the server's hostname or IP.
  • The API now validates the structure of task objects before saving.
  • New XML parser implementation for better performance. You can revert to the
    old parser by enabling the config option XML_LIBXMLJS. Requires Node.js v11 or
  • Performance optimizations. While performance has improved for the majority of
    use cases, there may be situations where performance has degraded. It's
    recommended to revisit your hardware requirements.
  • Connection request authentication no longer uses 'auth.js' file. Instead, the
    connection request authentication behavior can now be customized using an
  • The config file (config.json) has been deprecated. System configuration (e.g.
    listen ports, worker count) are now recommended to be passed as environment.
    variables. Other general configuration options are stored in the database so as
    to not require service restart for changes to take effect.
  • Optional redis dependency has been removed completely.
  • Tags now allow only alphanumeric characters and underscore.
  • Supported versions of NodeJs and MongoDB are 10.x and up and 2.6 and up