CM19 transceiver library for X10 home automation
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CM19 X10 RF transceiver library for Home Automation (.NET)


  • Supports sending and receiving of following X10 RF messages:
    • Standard module commands (On, Off, Dim, Bright, AllLightsOn, AllUnitsOff)
    • Camera pan/tilt commands (Left, Right, Up, Down)
    • Security sensors (Motion and door/window sensors, security remotes)
  • Event driven
  • Hot plug and automatic re-connection on error


Linux / Mac OSX

Install the libusb-1.0 package

apt-get install libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev

Add the following lines to the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file:

# Disable CM19 kernel modules to allow third-party apps to access the device
blacklist lirc_atiusb
blacklist ati_remote
blacklist rc_ati_x10

Reboot or alternatively issue the following commands

rmmod lirc_atiusb
rmmod ati_remote
rmmod rc_ati_x10


Do not plug in the device before installing the CM19 driver. If a driver was already installed, uninstall it first. Then install the CM19 LibUSB driver by executing the InstallDriver.exe file contained in the WindowsUsbDriver folder. The CM19 can now be plugged in.

NuGet Package

CM19Lib is available as a NuGet package.

Run Install-Package CM19Lib in the Package Manager Console or search for “CM19Lib” in your IDE’s package management plug-in.


Two examples programs are available in the Examples folder. Both programs require administrator privileges in order to access the USB hardware.

Receiver program

The cm19recv program will receive and output all X10 RF commands in a human readable form.

Example usage:


Sender program

cm19send is a program to send X10 command. Example usage:

# X10 standard commands
# and camera commands (the last two)
cm19send.exe A1+ A5+ A7- A- A- C2+ AU BD

The program can send one ore more X10 commands (separated by a white space). An X10 standard command starts with the house code followed by the unit code and the + (ON) or - (OFF) symbol.

If no unit code is provided the + will perform a BRIGHT command or a DIM command in case the - symbol is used (eg. A+ or A-).

An X10 PT camera command starts with the house code followed by one of the following: U for up, L for left, D for down and R for right.

Example code

using CM19Lib;


var cm19 = new Cm19Manager();

// Listen to Cm19Manager events
cm19.ConnectionStatusChanged += cm19_ConnectionStatusChanged;
cm19.RfDataReceived += cm19_RfDataReceived;
cm19.RfCommandReceived += cm19_RfCommandReceived;
cm19.RfSecurityReceived += cm19_RfSecurityReceived;
cm19.RfCameraReceived += cm19_RfCameraReceived;


// Connect the interface. It supports hot plug/unplug.

// Examples of sending standard X10 commands
cm19.UnitOff(HouseCode.C, UnitCode.Unit_7);
cm19.UnitOn(HouseCode.A, UnitCode.Unit_4);

// Alternative way of sending standard X10 commands
cm19.SendCommand(HouseCode.E, UnitCode.Unit_12, Command.On);

// Sending PT camera commands
cm19.SendCameraCommand(HouseCode.A, Command.CameraDown);
cm19.SendCameraCommand(HouseCode.A, Command.CameraLeft);

// Raw send X10 command (Security Disarm)
cm19.SendMessage(new byte[]{0x29, 0x66, 0x69, 0x86, 0x79, 0x4A, 0x80});

// Disconnect the interface


void Cm19_ConnectionStatusChanged(object sender, ConnectionStatusChangedEventArgs args)
    Console.WriteLine("Interface connection status {0}", args.Connected);

void Cm19_RfDataReceived(object sender, RfDataReceivedEventArgs args)
    Console.WriteLine("RF data received: {0}", BitConverter.ToString(args.Data));

void Cm19_RfCommandReceived(object sender, RfCommandReceivedEventArgs args)
    Console.WriteLine("Received RF command {0} House Code {1} Unit {2}", 
        args.Command, args.HouseCode, args.UnitCode);

void Cm19_RfSecurityReceived(object sender, RfSecurityReceivedEventArgs args)
    Console.WriteLine("Received RF Security event {0} from address {1}", 
        args.Event, args.Address.ToString("X3"));

private static void cm19_RfCameraReceived(object sender, RfCommandReceivedEventArgs args)
    Console.WriteLine("Received RF camera command {0} House Code {1} Unit {2}",
        args.Command, args.HouseCode, args.UnitCode.ToString().Replace("Unit_", ""));


CM19Lib is open source software, licensed under the terms of Apache license 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.