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Third Party modules for Anope that I've created.
The proper place to view and download these modules is on the Anope IRC Services Modules Site.


Approved methods of support:

  • Create an issue in this GitHub repo.
  • via IRC (look for genius3000):
    • #anope on
    • on

Module Listing

Check channel AKICKs upon services start and when a user does something that would affect the matching of an AKICK (logs in/out, nick change, vIdent/vHost, etc).

A less restrictive join flood protection, a flood of unregistered users will lock the channel to registered users only. It will do this either with a channel mode (if available) or via temporary kick-bans.

Stores a (config set maximum) number of historical topics for a channel. Allows easy restoration of a historical topic, especially when the topic is accidently changed.

Offer specialized vHosts to users, with substitution arguments available. They can be permanent or limited time (expiry).

To send a notice (via email and/or memo) to a user that their registered nickname or channel is soon to expire and/or expired. Fully configurable with what to send for and how to send the notices, when to send the pre-expiry notices, and the messages sent.


Adds (almost) proper support for the InspIRCd 2.0 Extras module m_joinpartspam. Use this module to ensure the mode is not abusable through ChanServ MODE. Channel redirects with this mode are disallowed here, as we can't verify the parameter. Requires a restart to load, can be reloaded live though.

Syncs X-Lines (G, Z, R) from the uplink IRCd to the AKILL list. Works on server sync and as X-Lines are added or removed. Requires OperServ, AKILL, and the InspIRCd 2.0 protocol (aka only works with InspIRCd 2.0).

This module lets you create "channel traps" to KILL or AKILL users that join them. The channels can be active (with service bots joined to and modes set) or a wildcard/regex mask that is matched on user joins.

A simple Services Oper command to list out soon to expire nicknames or channels.

This module allows Opers to be notified of flagged events done by Users matching a mask (wildcard and regex allowed).

A different (and newer) version of OS_SWHOIS; the same configuration can be used from the other os_swhois module to this one. Provides a fully featured SWHOIS system with features and syntax similar to the rest of Anope.


Third Party modules for Anope that I've created








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