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REQUEST: PKAce or other to package deps for testers on windows.
TODO: wait for BB
TODO: timebank
TODO: HUGE code cleanup. sweep sweep sweep.
- make nicer the core runloop like the posting blinds is.
- make sure pot sizes are calculated correctly
- and that CollectedMoney(...) and UncalledBet(...) boilerplates
have lots of core reuse!
- comment everything a ton.
- reorganise into logical directories that reflect code??? (maybe not)
utils/ <<< loads settings <<< creates irc, and attaches adapter
TODO: split off components from ... write unit tests for them.
TODO: ... followed by lots and lots of testing.
art/branding using manga characters = cool.
shade other buttons when toggle fold/call/raise
css everything
rewrite to MVC
note editor that is autosaving depending on the user set
note editor with bold, italic, colours (colour pick) + font size
load table layout from config positions incl stylesheets also.
app remember prev settings
WANT: panels move the main view.
WANT: move slider up to avoid misclicking raise.
tab show hide/panel. focus on notes.
grid password entry. select colours and paint a small pic
notification after played X hands or length time. Start/stop it.
star hands vs players in their notes
(switch between all hands played vs them, option to star particular hand for always show)
first time install intro:
please choose your language
choose between SDI and MDI
Casual player who plays 1 or 2 tables while doing other
activities like browsing the web.
Simple and easy to use for beginners. Familiar interface to most poker sites.
Poker addict playing many tables that clutter your desktop.
Advanced features like table management, statistics and auto folding.
>explanation of the project
>usage: you select different 'casinos' and choose your table there.
* Configure _Networks
* various network names
* _Quit
[ ] Main Toolbar
[ ] * Show _Menu Bar key
[ ] Show Status _Bar
[ ] various dock windows
(table arranging stuff here)
(auto folding shit hands)
* Configure _Notifications (sound effects and stuff here)
* Configure S_hortcuts
* Configure Tool_bars (from Kontact)
* _Configure Kartludox key
* Kartludox Handbook key
* What's _This? key (from Kontact)
* Report Bug
* Switch Application Language
* About Kartludox
==== Configure Networks dialog ====
Same as Konversation.
Which casino would you like to join?
> play money
Opens on application startup (can be turned off)
select server -> opens new mdi window
Network list
[ ] Show at application startup [ * Connect ] [ * Close ]
(maybe button to configure list?- config screen like in quassel)
==== Add Server dialog (from conf networks ====
Tab1 Normal add like in Konversation.
Tab2 Advanced
bot name for game listing
bot name for running games (same?)
default game list channel
use ssl
==== Game MDI Window ====
2 tabs: Games, Account
cashier + options
withdraw opens dialog ->
Bitcoins have been sent to your account.
They will appear in your account after they have been confirmed.
Usually this takes a few minutes but can take up to 30 mins.
deposit opens dialog ->
Please send bitcoins to the address below.
They will appear in your account after they have been confirmed.
Usually this takes a few minutes but can take up to 30 mins.
account details
bitcoin address (does this change??)
possible to have 1 bitcoin address per username?
==== About Kartludox ====
Same dialog as About Quassel
==== Main Toolbar ====
* Connect
various network names
Disconnect from all
* Disconnect
various network names
Disconnect from all
* Session Status
> Playing [green]
> Sit-Out [yellow]
> Sit-Out and Close Tables [red text]
> Sit-Out (don't wait for BB) [red text]
* (preferences/settings quick access button
like in amarok toolbar)
Show Menu Bar
* Lock Side Panel
Server: [ ] >Cashier >Account >Tables
==== Connections dock window ====
tree list view with roll down sections and icons like amarok
> table entries flash alert when require action
double click to open server views (showing lists of games) or go to table.
list of games | players at table
lobby chat | details of table (tourney blaa blaa)
cash game details example:
min max buyin
==== Server Window ====
Show list of current games.
Filter window option.
==== Chat dock window ====
[ ] Show dealer messages
Chat window
[ ]
==== Hand History dock window ====
[ roll down list shows: winner(s) potsize ]
(they're colour coded more green, more red depending on how much player
Genjix - $48 15 hands ago
< copy >
slkddl hh text here
==== Chance dock window ====
bars from PokerTH with scope to later
add pokerstove
==== Information dock window ====
Sessions info like number hands played
==== Configure Kartludox (settings menu) ====
qtdemo -> Dialogs -> Configuration Dialog
* Styles
Game Table
Card Deck
(from PokerTH- same style)
(get new styles! button
or KDE systemsettings style -> Get New Themes)
==== Right Click Avatar menu ====
Auto Post Blinds
Sit Out
Report Incident (opens browser?)
==== Rich Click other player menu ====
Block Image
Block Chat
Sit Here
Search This Player...
#johnathon "blaa blaa blaa" holdem nl cash 6 2 5 0.1
(tablename userdef-string holdem|omaha nl|pl|l cash|tourney 2-10 SB BB ante)
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