Documentation for the Ethereum based Staticoin / Riskcoin contracts
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Staticoin - Whitepaper.pdf

statiCoin / riskCoin

statiCoin and riskCoin are a pair of tokens that are:-

  • Stable (value is stable when measured against a given fiat currency)
  • Fully fungible (coins are equal),
  • Ether backed (insured by blockchain based capital),
  • ERC20 compatible (can be transfered using standard interfaces)

coins can be created:-

  • Openly (full on chain, with open source code)
  • Cheaply (only a 0.2% fee, on creation + minimal oracle fees)
  • Without counterparties (bilateral offseting trades are not used)
  • Without maturities (new coins can usually be created and destroyed at will)

Mainnet Contract addresses


ETHUSD 0xadb797366e36697dc9742a8c820d3dda931668d2

ETHEUR 0x18e0e11cb7e99c1bfbf5e488d7e82466924d347c

ETHGBP 0xdd5a402ca57abf0257bc90223bfdf68270f5b71e

ETHCAD 0x3c0dc478b0e29f284e8d2424fde705ef5d847f31

ETHJPY 0xdc75eb262b08246ae8a1125e119667fb79540ef3


USD 0x1daaf3d62582639c6a7eabb467e2db9b56fafbbd usd.staticoin.eth

EUR 0x1831887fbabf783910db128e60c41bfa016059d8 eur.staticoin.eth

GBP 0xa9666166d3c7fd15e874801f99e9ad5bfb70c5cf gbp.staticoin.eth

CAD 0x1735fc2b89b80d1ae33c35dd55eae7fa7642f336 cad.staticoin.eth

JPY 0x5f54c1512d036a0dd92744ee0a55ed183dde0484 jpy.staticoin.eth


USD 0xd0800859d6f4bc0210b7807e770bc44a9ece7372 usd.riskcoin.eth

EUR 0xe5a219d4db92a701e79b6e548803c8ce55138686 eur.riskcoin.eth

GBP 0xdfe2bd1d3dcbb97804acf3ee85230e832c4a7b5d gbp.riskcoin.eth

CAD 0xf4522eda455814d43b003bc1c38501b04d65cc4a cad.riskcoin.eth

JPY 0x22a3d74c363379189b6cc059d8fbd888e98df5ec jpy.riskcoin.eth