Collection of community-maintained components for Genode
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          A collection of community-maintained components for Genode

This repository hosts Genode components that do not fall in the narrow scope of
the Genode OS Framework (, e.g., ported applications,
libraries, and games.

To use it, you first need to obtain a clone of Genode:

! git clone genode

Now, clone the _genode-world.git_ repository to _genode/repos/world_:

! git clone genode/repos/world

By placing the _world_ repository under the _repos/_ directory, Genode's tools
will automatically incorporate the ports provided by the _world_ repository.

For building software of the _world_ repository, the build-directory
configuration _etc/build.conf_ must be extended with the following line:

! REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/world

Note of caution

In contrast to the components found in the mainline Genode repository, the
components within the _world_ repository are not subjected to the regular
quality-assurance measures of Genode Labs. Hence, problems are to be expected.
If you encounter bugs, build problems, or stability issues, please report them
to the issue tracker [1] or the Genode mailing list [2].