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# \brief Download integrate Linux kernel sources with Genode
# \author Norman Feske
# \date 2012-01-28
CONTRIB_DIR = contrib
DOWNLOAD_DIR = download
ECHO = @echo
PATCHES := $(shell find patches -name \*.patch)
LINUX = linux-3.2.2
LINUX_TBZ2 = $(LINUX).tar.bz2
# Linux utilities
CONTENT += include/linux/list.h
CONTENT += $(addprefix include/linux/,pci_ids.h pci_regs.h usb.h hid.h hiddev.h input.h mod_devicetable.h)
CONTENT += $(addprefix include/linux/byteorder/,generic.h little_endian.h)
CONTENT += include/linux/swab.h
CONTENT += $(addprefix include/asm-generic/bitops/,__ffs.h non-atomic.h)
# USB core
CONTENT += drivers/usb/core
CONTENT += drivers/usb/usb-common.c
CONTENT_INCLUDE_USB := ch11.h ch9.h ehci_def.h hcd.h input.h otg.h quirks.h storage.h
CONTENT += $(addprefix include/linux/usb/,$(CONTENT_INCLUDE_USB))
# needed by usb/core/devio.c
CONTENT += include/linux/usbdevice_fs.h include/asm-generic/ioctl.h
# USB host-controller driver
CONTENT_USB_HOST := ehci.h ehci-hcd.c ehci-hub.c ehci-dbg.c ehci-mem.c \
ehci-omap.c ehci-q.c ehci-pci.c ehci-sched.c ehci-sysfs.c
CONTENT_USB_HOST += ohci.h ohci-hcd.c ohci-hub.c ohci-dbg.c ohci-mem.c \
ohci-q.c ohci-pci.c ehci-lpm.c
CONTENT_USB_HOST += uhci-hcd.h uhci-hcd.c uhci-debug.c uhci-q.c uhci-hub.c \
CONTENT_USB_HOST += pci-quirks.h pci-quirks.c xhci-ext-caps.h
CONTENT += $(addprefix drivers/usb/host/,$(CONTENT_USB_HOST))
# USB storage driver
CONTENT += drivers/usb/storage/
CONTENT += include/linux/usb_usual.h
# SCSI support for storage
CONTENT += $(addprefix drivers/scsi/,scsi.h scsi.c constants.c scsi_priv.h scsi_logging.h)
CONTENT += $(addprefix include/scsi/,scsi.h scsi_host.h)
# USB hid driver
CONTENT += drivers/hid/hid-input.c drivers/hid/hid-core.c drivers/hid/hid-ids.h
CONTENT += drivers/hid/usbhid
# needed by USB hid
CONTENT_INPUT := input.c evdev.c input-compat.h
CONTENT += $(addprefix drivers/input/,$(CONTENT_INPUT))
CONTENT += include/linux/input/mt.h
# Panda board usb network driver
CONTENT_NET = usbnet.c smsc95xx.c smsc95xx.h
CONTENT += $(addprefix drivers/net/usb/,$(CONTENT_NET))
CONTENT += include/linux/usb/usbnet.h
# Utility to check if a tool is installed
check_tool = $(if $(shell which $(1)),,$(error Need to have '$(1)' installed.))
$(call check_tool,wget)
$(call check_tool,patch)
# Print help information by default
$(ECHO) "Download integrate Linux kernel sources with Genode"
$(ECHO) "--- available commands ---"
$(ECHO) "prepare - download and integrate Linux source code"
$(ECHO) "clean - remove contib sources except downloaded archives"
$(ECHO) "cleanall - remove contib sources and downloaded archives"
prepare: $(CONTRIB_DIR)/.prepared
$(CONTRIB_DIR)/.prepared: Makefile
$(ECHO) "extracting source code to '$(CONTRIB_DIR)'"
$(VERBOSE)tar xfj $< --transform "s/$(LINUX)/$(CONTRIB_DIR)/" $(addprefix $(LINUX)/,$(CONTENT))
$(VERBOSE)touch $@
$(ECHO) "applying patches to '$(CONTRIB_DIR)/'"
$(VERBOSE)for i in $(PATCHES); do patch -d $(CONTRIB_DIR) -p1 < $$i; done
$(VERBOSE)mkdir -p $@
$(ECHO) "downloading source code to '$@'"
$(VERBOSE)touch $@
cleanall: clean
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