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tag: 12.08
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. @nfeske

    Release notes for Genode 12.08

    nfeske authored
  2. @nfeske

    News item for Genode 12.08

    nfeske authored
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. @nfeske
  2. @nfeske

    Update of 'doc/components.txt'

    nfeske authored
  3. @cproc @nfeske

    libc_fs: release libc file descriptor in 'close()'

    cproc authored nfeske committed
    Fixes #334.
  4. @cproc @nfeske

    libc: allocate file descriptor sets on the stack

    cproc authored nfeske committed
    The 'fd_set' size calculation in the current version of the 'poll()'
    function results in an  amount which is smaller than the size of the
    'fd_set' data type. With this patch the file descriptor sets get
    allocated as plain stack variables.
    Fixes #335.
  5. @nfeske

    Run script for hosting on Genode

    nfeske authored
    This run script combines the lighttpd web server with the tar_fs file
    system to host the website.
  6. @cproc @nfeske

    TAR file system service

    cproc authored nfeske committed
    This patch implements a service which provides the contents of a tar
    archive via the 'File_system::Session' interface.
    	<archive name="tar_archive.tar" />
    	<policy label="label_of_client" root="/rootdir/for/client" />
    Fixes #333.
  7. @nfeske

    Minor style fix

    nfeske authored
  8. @nfeske

    libc_noux: fix compile warnings

    nfeske authored
  9. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add is_nonblocking() method

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    Certain programs tend to set their sockets non-blocking. As previously
    descriptors in Noux were only blocking we now introduce a method to mark
    the used Io_channel as non-blocking.
  10. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add F_GETFL handling to terminal_io_channel

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    There are certain programms which check if an fd is open by calling
    fcntl(fd, F_GETFL, ...). So to keep them happy we return true if
    such an request was done to our terminal fd's.
  11. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux/net: fix write() in socket_io_channel

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
  12. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux/net: add proper fcntl() to socket_io_channel

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
  13. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add F_SETFL to libc_noux's fcntl()

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    Among other things it is used to set non-blocking mode, so we should
    support it (e.g. fcntl(d, F_SETFL, fl | O_NONBLOCK)).
  14. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add FIONBIO handling support to libc_noux

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
  15. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add cleanup_socket_descriptors() function

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    When a child exists it makes sure that all remaining socket descriptors
    are closed.
  16. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux/net: add reset_all() method to sd registry

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    This method is called when a child is exiting to remove all remaining
    sockets from the socket descriptor registry to close all sockets.
  17. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: remove {get,free}addrinfo

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    This dead-code will not be needed in the future because we now use
  18. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add noux-pkg/lynx

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    Explanation why --disable-rpath-hack is needed:
    When building on pistachio_x86 $(LDFLAGS) contains '-L[...]/l4/lib'
    which will be transformed by autoconf to '-rpath [...]/l4/lib'.
    Now the problem at hand is that we pretend to be FreeBSD when we are
    actually not. So autoconf assumes it is valid to use '-path'  when it
    is actually not.
    Also we use zlib for (de)compressing gzipped streams/files instead of
    calling gzip as this currently somewhat buggy.
  19. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add noux-pkg/etc

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    This package provides files in /etc which are needed for domain
    resolving etc. pp.
  20. @ssumpf @nfeske

    Demo: Increase quota for 'test_nit'

    ssumpf authored nfeske committed
    The quota was insufficient for foc64
  21. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add libc_resolv to noux-pkg/netcat

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
  22. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: rename noux-pkg/gnu-netcat

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    The other GNU based packages do not have a gnu- prefix either.
  23. @nfeske
  24. @nfeske
  25. @alex-ab @nfeske

    NOVA: fix placement of EC cap for recall

    alex-ab authored nfeske committed
    Put EC cap next to SM cap of Vcpu_dispatcher and not of the Vcpu.
    Thanks @parthy for pointing out the issue.
  26. @alex-ab @nfeske

    NOVA: fix locking in vancouver

    alex-ab authored nfeske committed
    Reported by @parthy.
  27. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add /dev/null and /dev/zero filesystems

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    These device are mandatory for most programs (well, at least null
    is required to be present for a POSIX compliant OS, which Noux is
    actually not). But for proper shell-script support we will need
    them anyway.
  28. @cnuke @nfeske

    Noux: add user information support (struct passwd)

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    There are certain programs which need the information that is stored in
    'struct passwd'. This commit introduces configurable user information
    support to NOUX.
    One can set the user information via <user> in NOUX config:
    ! <config>
    !   <user name="baron" uid="1" gid="1">
    !     <shell name="/bin/bash" />
    !     <home name="/home" />
    !   </user>
    ! [...]
    ! </config>
    When <user> is not specified default values are used. Currently these
    are 'root', 0, 0, '/bin/bash', '/'.
    Note: this is just a single user implementation because each Noux instance
    has only one user or rather one identity and there will be no complete
    multi-user support in Noux. If you need different users, just start new
    Noux instances for each of them.
  29. @cnuke @nfeske

    libports: remove passwd functions from libc

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    Removes getpwent.c from build because the passwd facilities provided by
    the FreeBSD libc will not be used anyway and add stub functions instead.
    Now services which need these functions have to implement their own
    (e.g. libc_noux).
  30. @nfeske

    libc: Resolve subtle ambiguity in symlink creation

    nfeske authored
    Apparently, GNU make 3.81 picks the generic '%.h' rule instead of the
    more specific 'rpc/%.h' rule during the preparation of the libc.
    Changing the order of the rules solves the problem.
  31. @cnuke @nfeske

    libports: add gethostbyname, getservbyname dummies

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
  32. @cnuke @nfeske

    libports: add libc_resolv

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
    libc_resolv is a {free,get}addrinfo() plugin, mainly for use with NOUX.
    We prefix the original libc functions to with 'libc_' so there is no
    symbol conflict with
  33. @cnuke @nfeske

    libports: add needed files to libc-net

    cnuke authored nfeske committed
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