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Commits on Nov 18, 2015
  1. @alex-ab @chelmuth

    add missing .so files to

    alex-ab committed with chelmuth
    required by grep
    Issue #1040
  2. @alex-ab @chelmuth

    noux: reflect -no memory- case during process setup

    alex-ab committed with chelmuth
    Instead of just red messages in the log and a hanging caller, the issuer
    may respond to it - e.g. a noux bash shell will show an error and is
    afterwards still usable.
    Fixes #1778
  3. @alex-ab @chelmuth
  4. @alex-ab @chelmuth
  5. @alex-ab @chelmuth

    nova: handle dissolve of not-activated entrypoints

    alex-ab committed with chelmuth
    Dissolve calls on not-yet-activated entrypoints will block forever in the
    portal cleanup call without this commit.
    Issue #1778
  6. @alex-ab @chelmuth

    nova: re-add server object IPC cleanup call

    alex-ab committed with chelmuth
    Accidentally removed by #1658. We need to make the cleanup call for server
    objects - otherwise we may get in capability identifier re-use trouble.
    Issue #1778
  7. @alex-ab @chelmuth
  8. @alex-ab @chelmuth

    nova: adjust kernel warning/error messages

    alex-ab committed with chelmuth
    - extend one overmap message case
    - show by default more error messages
    Issue #1779
  9. @alex-ab @chelmuth

    nova: evalute pending irqs si->sm association

    alex-ab committed with chelmuth
    Fixes ps/2 driver bring-up if already some irqs are pending but not delivered
    to the Genode signal(Nova semaphore) - reported by @nfeske.
    Fixes #1779
  10. @alex-ab @chelmuth
  11. @alex-ab @chelmuth

    base: support ascii_to for uint64_t

    alex-ab committed with chelmuth
    Issue #1764
  12. @nfeske @chelmuth
  13. @ssumpf @chelmuth

    ahci: Reset port before access

    ssumpf committed with chelmuth
    Also throw error if wakup from power safe mode failes.
    Fix #1776
  14. @cnuke @chelmuth
  15. @cnuke @chelmuth

    mixer: add reporting and config handling

    cnuke committed with chelmuth
    Fixes #1770.
  16. @cnuke @chelmuth
  17. @cnuke @chelmuth

    mixer: use Server framework

    cnuke committed with chelmuth
    Issue #1770.
  18. @cnuke @chelmuth

    os: add mixer utility header for Channel struct

    cnuke committed with chelmuth
    The notion of a channel is shared by the mixer backend as well as the
    frontend. To make dealing with reports between those easier move the
    Channel definition to a global header.
    Issue #1770.
  19. @cnuke @chelmuth
  20. @cnuke @chelmuth

    wifi_drv: remove device white-list patch

    cnuke committed with chelmuth
    Issue #1774.
  21. @cnuke @chelmuth

    wifi_drv: make pci probing more sane

    cnuke committed with chelmuth
    Initial patch by @skalk.
    Issue #1774.
  22. @chelmuth

    dde_rump: fix race condition in rumpuser_mtx

    chelmuth committed
    The new mutex is a binary semaphore based on the implementation of
    Genode::Semaphore using an applicant FIFO.
  23. @chelmuth

    dde_rump: propagate CC_OLEVEL to

    chelmuth committed
    This effectively enables configuring builds with -O0 for rump sources.
    Note, if the build directory is not clean, at least var/libcache/rump*
    should be removed before building with changed etc/tools.conf.
  24. @chelmuth

    dde_rump: remove static globals

    chelmuth committed
  25. @chelmuth

    Some rounds of write/read in libc fs test

    chelmuth committed
    The test performs several rounds of write-read cycles with the following
    configuration attributes in a <write-read> config node
      rounds       determines the number of rounds (default is 4)
      size         determines the number of bytes written/read in one round
                   (default is 4 MiB)
      buffer_size  determines the size of the write-read buffer
                   (default is 32 KiB)
    In one round the test writes and reads "size/buffer_size" times
    from/into a buffer_size'd buffer.
  26. @chelmuth
  27. @cnuke @chelmuth
  28. @cnuke @chelmuth
  29. @cnuke @chelmuth
  30. @ssumpf @chelmuth

    noux: Run script with two bash shells using the same file system

    ssumpf committed with chelmuth
    Related to #1765
    1. Create a file in terminal one in the 'ram' directory
    ! echo "test" > ram/test
    2. Second terminal
    ! tail -f ram/test
    3. First terminal
    ! echo "Meaningless output" >> ram/test
    4. Observe second terminal
  31. @ssumpf @chelmuth
Commits on Nov 9, 2015
  1. @cproc @chelmuth

    qt5: add clipboard support

    cproc committed with chelmuth
    If a Qt application shall use the clipboard, this must be configured as:
    <config clipboard="yes">
    Fixes #1749
  2. @cproc @chelmuth

    pthread: don't destroy the pthread object for the main thread

    cproc committed with chelmuth
    The pthread object for the main thread initializes its 'Thread_base' base
    class part with a reference to the 'Thread_base' object of the Genode main
    thread. Therefore the pthread object for the main thread should never be
    destroyed, as this would also destroy the Genode 'Thread_base' object.
    Fixes #1760
  3. @cnuke @chelmuth

    vbox: use ring buffer in audio backend

    cnuke committed with chelmuth
    Instead of hardcoding the device model configuration use a ring buffer
    to gather samples.
    Fixes #1767.
  4. @cnuke @chelmuth
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