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Commits on Feb 27, 2015
  1. Christian Helmuth

    version: 15.02

    chelmuth authored
  2. Norman Feske Christian Helmuth

    News item for Genode 15.02

    nfeske authored chelmuth committed
  3. Norman Feske Christian Helmuth

    Release notes for version 15.02

    nfeske authored chelmuth committed
  4. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    l4linux: Adapt netperf run script to new run tool

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    With the new run tool, we net to use the 'serial_id' when using the 'send'
  5. Alexander Boettcher Christian Helmuth

    usb: rename coordinates to width/height for touch

    alex-ab authored chelmuth committed
  6. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    L4Linux: Update hash and revision (eager FPU)

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    The corresponding L4Linux fix:
  7. Martin Stein Christian Helmuth

    odroid_xu: prevent tests with sd/platform/ahci/fb

    m-stein authored chelmuth committed
    Drivers like SD-Card, platform, AHCI, and framebuffer are specified as Exynos5
    compliant. But they are at least not compliant with Odroid-XU although this is
    Exynos5. Thus, prevent tests that rely on such drivers when building for
    hw_odoid_xu. Furthermore, make previous Arndale regulator/consts.h,
    uart_defs.h, and some Board_base enums available to all Exynos5 builds to
    enable at least building the drivers.
    Fixes #1419
  8. Martin Stein Christian Helmuth

    tz_vmm: support USB-Armory board

    m-stein authored chelmuth committed
    For the USB-Armory, we use a newer version of Linux (3.18) as for the
    i.MX53-QSB. The main difference is, that the newer Linux uses a DTB instead of
    Fixes #1422
  9. Martin Stein Christian Helmuth

    hw: support USB-Armory board

    m-stein authored chelmuth committed
    The USB Armory is almost the same as the i.MX53-QSB but it uses only
    one of the two RAM banks available in i.MX53. Furthermore we use the USB
    Armory only with Trustzone enabled.
    Ref #1422
  10. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    base-foc: Update hash/revision for cli patch.

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    Issue #1420
  11. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    L4Linux: Update hash and revision (SMEP patch)

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    The corresponding L4Linux fix:
  12. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    tz_vmm: make script success detection more robust

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
  13. Christian Prochaska Christian Helmuth

    Improve 'Timed_semaphore' accuracy

    cproc authored chelmuth committed
    Fixes #1421
  14. Martin Stein Christian Helmuth

    run scripts: don't use is_qemu_available anymore

    m-stein authored chelmuth committed
    With the new run tool, there is no more is_qemu_available function. However,
    some scripts still try to use it because only frequently used scripts were
    updated by now. The commit replaces the function calls with the new
    'have_include power_on/qemu' check.
    Ref #1419
  15. Josef Söntgen Christian Helmuth

    netperf: add wifi test

    cnuke authored chelmuth committed
    Enables testing of the wifi_drv with netperf.
    Fixes #1415.
  16. Josef Söntgen Christian Helmuth

    wifi_drv: copy firmware images to build directory

    cnuke authored chelmuth committed
    Always copy the firmware images to the bin directory within the
    build directyry when building the wifi_drv binary.
    Issue #1415.
  17. Josef Söntgen Christian Helmuth

    dde_linux: download firmware for iwlwifi driver

    cnuke authored chelmuth committed
    Also download firmware images needed by the wifi_drv when preparing
    the dde_linux port. The images are placed in 'firmware' directory.
    Issue #1415.
  18. Josef Söntgen Christian Helmuth

    wifi: report wlan networks

    cnuke authored chelmuth committed
    The wifi_drv now provides two reports. The first one contains all
    accesspoints that were found while scanning the supported frequencies.
    The second one reports the state of the driver, i.e., if it is
    conntected to an accesspoint or not. In addition to that, the driver
    now gets its configuration via a ROM session.
    More detailed information are available in 'repos/dde_linux/README'.
    Issue #1415.
  19. Alexander Boettcher Christian Helmuth

    vbox: adapt auto run scripts for win8

    alex-ab authored chelmuth committed
    Issue #1413
  20. Christian Helmuth
  21. Alexander Boettcher Christian Helmuth

    nova: provide assessors in utcb for efer register

    alex-ab authored chelmuth committed
    Issue #1413
  22. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    base-foc: Remove 'modaddr' from bootstrap

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    Let bender relocate the boot modules. Skip relocation strep in bootstrap (only
    the kernel, sigma0, and roottask will be loaded).
  23. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    hw_arndale: enable ARM virtualization extensions

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
    * enables world-switch using ARM virtualization extensions
    * split TrustZone and virtualization extensions hardly from platforms,
      where it is not used
    * extend 'Vm_session' interface to enable configuration of guest-physical memory
    * introduce VM destruction syscall
    * add virtual machine monitor for hw_arndale that emulates a simplified version
      of ARM's Versatile Express Cortex A15 board for a Linux guest OS
    Fixes #1405
  24. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    hw_arndale: setup ARM hypervisor mode

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
    To enable support of hardware virtualization for ARM on the Arndale board,
    the cpu needs to be prepared to enter the non-secure mode, as long as it does
    not already run in it. Therefore, especially the interrupt controller and
    some TrustZone specific system registers need to be prepared. Moreover,
    the exception vector for the hypervisor needs to be set up properly, before
    booting normally in the supervisor mode of the non-secure world.
    Ref #1405
  25. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    uart_drv: enable RX channel for exynos5 driver

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
    This is useful for automated tests on this platform, where the run script
    wants to interact with some component via terminal
    Ref #1405
  26. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    arm: enable cpu cortex_a15 compiler flag

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
    To enable the usage of virtualization extension related instructions
    there is the need to enable the '-mcpu=cortex_a15' compiler flag on
    those cpus. To not conflict with other compiler flags (Ref #810) we've
    to disable the '-march=arm_v7a' flag.
    Ref #1405
  27. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    hw: extend kernel interrupt class

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
    The generalization of interrupt objects in the kernel and the use of
    C++ polymorphism instead of explicitely checking for special interrupts
    within generic code (Cpu_job::_interrupt) enables the registration of
    additional interrupts used by the kernel, which are needed for specific
    aspects added to the kernel, like ARM hardware virtualization interrupts.
    * Introduce generic base class for interrupt objects handled by the kernel
    * Derive an interrupt class for those handled by the user-land
    * Implement IPI-specific interrupt class
    * Implement timer interrupts using the new generic base class
    Ref #1405
  28. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    hw: use one IRQ for all cpus to send IPIs

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
    Until now, one distinct software generated IRQ per cpu was used to
    send signals between cpus. As ARM's GIC has 16 software generated
    IRQs only, and they need to be partitioned between secure/non-secure
    TrustZone world as well as virtual and non-virtual worlds, we should
    save them.
    Ref #1405
  29. Stefan Kalkowski Christian Helmuth

    hw: refactor irq controllers

    skalk authored chelmuth committed
    * name irq controller memory mapped I/O regions consistently
      in board descriptions
    * move irq controller and timer memory mapped I/O region descriptions
      from cpu class to board class
    * eliminate artificial distinction between flavors of ARM's GIC
    * factor cpu local initialization out of ARM's GIC interface description,
      which is needed if the GIC is initialized differently e.g. for TrustZone
    Ref #1405
  30. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    rump: Silence build process

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    The 'dest' target is renamed in the updated rump version  to 'dest.stage'. This
    triggered some building steps, even when the targets already existed.
    Issue #1409
  31. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    rump: Enable single CPU lock semantics

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    * Compile in single CPU support only
    * Fix 'try_enter' semtantic for mutexes
    * Unschedule when entering RW locks
    Issue #1409
  32. Sebastian Sumpf Christian Helmuth

    rump: Add 'get_random_backend' function

    ssumpf authored chelmuth committed
    A rump server may now implement its own random number generator, the default
    impelementation will not generate random number.
    Issue #1409
  33. Alexander Boettcher Christian Helmuth

    base: fix location_of_index affinity calculation

    alex-ab authored chelmuth committed
    Take care that ypos parameter is smaller than height().
    If it is not - wrap around.
    Issue #1412.
  34. Alexander Boettcher Christian Helmuth

    acpi: amend handling MMIO regions for ACPI tables

    alex-ab authored chelmuth committed
    The handling of MMIO regions now supports more pathological cases with
    weird cross references. Also, MMIO regions are releases after the
    parsing is done.
    Fixes #998
  35. Christian Prochaska Christian Helmuth

    vbox: improve virtual time accuracy

    cproc authored chelmuth committed
    Fixes #1411
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