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This repository contains the Qt4 toolkit für Genode

Qt4 is a tool kit for developing platform-independent applications. It
comprises a complete platform-abstraction layer and a rich GUI tool kit.
With this repository, native Qt4 applications can be compiled and
natively executed for the Genode OS Framework. This way, Qt4 becomes
available on all base platforms supported by Genode.


For using Qt4 for your Genode applications, you first need to download and
prepare the original Qt4 source codes and build a few Qt4 tools such as
the meta-object compiler (moc) and the resource compiler. The top-level
makefile found in this directory automates this task. Just issue:

! make prepare

To include the 'qt4' repository into the Genode build process,
add the 'qt4/' directory to the 'REPOSITORIES' declaration of the
'etc/build.conf' file within your build directory.

Since the Genode release 9.11, Qt4 depends on the 'libports' repository,
specifically on the 'freetype2' and 'jpeg' libraries. Please make sure
that you called the top-level Makefile of the 'libports' repository
for those preparing those libraries and that your 'REPOSITORIES' declaration
contains the 'libports' repository.
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