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The following contributors helped to develop GenomeTools. Please drop a note to I left someone out or missed something.
- Stefan Bienert (patches)
- Joachim Bonnet (Huffman/Golomb/Elias coding, GtBit{In,Out}Stream)
- David Ellinghaus (parts of ltr/ subdirectory, ltrharvest tool)
- Johannes Fischer (range minimum query code)
- Giorgio Gonnella (codegen, simreads tool, readjoiner tools, patches)
- Thomas Jahns (BitPackArray and BitPackString class, block-compressed FM-index)
- Malte Mader (AnnotationSketch, sketch tool)
- Brent Pedersen (python bindings, patches)
- Christin Schaerfer (AnnotationSketch, sketch tool)
- David Schmitz-Huebsch (mgth/ subdirectory, mgth tool)
- Dirk Willrodt (genomediff tool, SAM/BAM, patches)
- Daniel Standage (GtSetSourceVisitor, GtFeatureInStream, python bindings, patches)