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Web interface for biomaj (





Javascript dependencies are downloaded help with bower (see next). Dependencies are listed in biomajwatcher/webapp/bower.json.

Build web app

Install npm (apt-get install npm/ yum install npm)

in biomajwatcher/webapp

npm install -g bower
bower install


Configuration is done in development.ini or production.ini

global_properties =


python develop



pserve development.ini


gunicorn -p /var/run/ --log-config=production.ini --paste production.ini &

Web server will start to listen on port 6543 by default. Update ini files to customize web configuration.

Authentication and background processing (Optional)

To allow banks update/removal by authenticated user, biomaj-daemon (micro service architecture) must be running

API / REST interface

The old API interface (/BmajWatcher/GET) is still available. A new REST interface is available but we kept the old one for compatibility for other tools. The old interface does not take advantage of the new features however.

Don't like the color? Need your logo?

You can easily customize the look of the watcher. Theme is pure CSS and CSS giles are available in directroy biomajwatcher/webapp/app/styles. CSS are based on Bootstrap 3. You may also need to override some directives from app.css according to your theme (font color...)

If you want to customize the theme, create a new theme CSS file (with an other name), and update the reference to "path_to_styles/theme.css" to your new file in biomajwatcher/webapp/app/index.html.

In index.html you can also add your logo, change header, etc...


>= 3.0.8

For authenticated access, add in the Authorization header fo the HTTP request  "user_id api_key_value", e.g.  Authorization: myself 1234AZ

/api/watcher/bank  : list of banks
/api/watcher/bank/:id : details of bank
/api/watcher/bank/:id/status: current status of the bank
/api/watcher/bank/:id/config: properties of the bank
/api/watcher/bank/:id/log/:sessionid : log file of the session


/bank  : list of banks
/bank/:id : details of bank
/bank/:id/status: current status of the bank
/bank/:id/config: properties of the bank
/bank/:id/log/:sessionid : log file of the session
/search: search in banks with GET parameter "q=query", query follows Lucene syntax
/search/format/:format: get banks having format
/search/type/:type: get banks having type
/search/format/:format/type/:type : get banks having format and type
/stat : get banks disk usage


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