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#API for trace (master branch) by Stuart Sierra, Michel Salim, Luc Préfontaine, Jonathan Fischer Friberg


The trace tool is compatible with Clojure versions 1.2.x and 1.3.


(ns your-namespace (:require clojure.tools.trace))


This file defines simple "tracing" macros to help you see what your code is doing.

#Public Variables and Functions

##trace-depth var

Current stack depth of traced function calls.

##deftrace macro

Usage: (deftrace name & definition)

Use in place of defn; traces each call/return of this fn, including arguments. Nested calls to deftrace'd functions will print a tree-like structure.

##dotrace macro

Usage: (dotrace fnames & exprs)

Given a sequence of function identifiers, evaluate the body expressions in an environment in which the identifiers are bound to the traced functions. Does not work on inlined functions, such as clojure.core/+

##trace function

Usage: (trace value) (trace name value)

Sends name (optional) and value to the tracer function, then returns value. May be wrapped around any expression without affecting the result.

##trace-fn-call function

Usage: (trace-fn-call name f args)

Traces a single call to a function f with args. 'name' is the symbol name of the function.

##trace-indent function

Usage: (trace-indent)

Returns an indentation string based on trace-depth

##tracer function

Usage: (tracer name value)

This function is called by trace. Prints to standard output, but may be rebound to do anything you like. 'name' is optional.

##trace-forms macro

Usage: (trace-forms & body)

This macro helps identify which nested form triggered a runtime Exception. However it will not catch compilation exceptions. If a runtime Exception occurs, the message will include a trace back of all the nested forms starting with the innermost one where the exception occurred plus the original exception message.