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Gentee script programming language

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Gentee is a free open source script programming language. The Gentee programming language is designed to create scripts to automate repetitive actions and processes on your computer. If you use or plan to use .bat files, bash, PowerShell or special programs to automate actions, then try doing the same thing with Gentee.

Want to see a sample application that successfully uses the Gentee programming language? Take a look at Eonza, a free cross-platform program for easy creation and management of scripts.


All documentation is available on GitHub.


You can download other binary distributions for Linux, macOS, Windows here.

Go integration

You can use the Gentee compiler and virtual machine in golang projects without any restrictions.
Documentation is available here.

How to run Gentee scripts

$ go get -u
$ cd gentee/gentee/cli
$ go build
  • Specify the script file when running gentee. The script file can have any extension.
Linux: ./gentee myscript.g 
Wndows: gentee.exe myscript.g
  • Also, you can associate the gentee program with script files in your operating system.

Gentee compiler/interpreter

gentee [-ver] [-t] <scriptname> [command-line parameters for script]

By default, the program prints the output of the script to the console and returns 0 if successful.

Command line parameters

  • scriptname - full or relative path to the script file. You can specify the command line parameters for the script after the script file name.
  • -ver - show the current version of Gentee language.
  • -t - test the script. When using this parameter, the script must have the result parameter in the header with the expected value (example). In this mode, the program does not output the result of the script execution to the console. If the result does not match, an error message is displayed and an error code 4 is returned.

Error code

Code Description
1 The script file was not found.
2 Compilation error.
3 Runtime Error.
4 The result is erroneous at start with the -t parameter.


If you have any questions and suggestions or would like to help in the development, add your issue here.



Copyright (c) 2018-present, Alexey Krivonogov