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Gentics Mesh MuseTech Example

This repository contains all the sources that were needed to build the demo site.


This demo project is covered by these blogposts:

Project structure

This project consists of two parts. The importer contains the schema models, contents and is responsible of importing the images, videos, audioguides, exhibits, pages into the headless CMS. The app contains the front-end react app which will present the content in various formats to clients.


The importer is a Java program which will setup the project in Gentics Mesh.

The class contains the main runner which can be executed to run the importer.

The importer is using the Gentics Mesh Java Client and RxJava to create the project, schemas, microschemas and nodes.


The React front-end uses CORS to access the Headless CMS API to fetch the contents via GraphQL. The URL for the Gentics Mesh instance that will be used can be configured in the app/src/config.json file.

The project can be build using yarn && yarn build or run via yarn && yarn start.

Used software


The contents that were used in this project have different licenses. The licenses have been added in the json files. Please check the matching license before re-using the contents.

  • Image: Source List
  • Video: Source List
  • Text: All texts and descriptions are
  • Audio: The audio guides that are part of this project have been generated using the text source.