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Gentics Mesh Silex Example
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Silex EOL

Silex has reached the EOL and is no longer being developed.

This example will be archived. A good alternative for Silex would be Symfony.

Gentics Mesh Silex Example

This example shows how to use Gentics Mesh in combination with the Silex PHP routing framework.

The Gentics Mesh GraphQL API is being used to locate the requested content. That content is used to render various Twig templates.

Getting Started

# Clone example project
git clone
git checkout graphql-example
cd mesh-silex-example

# Install needed dependencies 
composer update

# Download Gentics Mesh from and start it
java -jar mesh-demo-0.9.xx.jar

Run with PHP 7

The example can also be run directly using the embedded PHP server.

php -S localhost:3000 src/index.php

Run with Docker

You can start the docker container to run the example using the ./ script. Once started you should be able to access the demo example via http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

Run with Apache

Alternatively you can also deploy the PHP example on your Apache Webserver installation. You may use the provided site configuration file mesh-demo.conf for your apache.

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