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Various ebuilds made and used by Greek Gentoo community (gentoo-el)
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app-arch/rarcrack [app-arch/rarcrack] Initial commit
app-backup/system-tar-and-restore bump system-tar-and-restore & rtl8187se
app-misc cleanup
app-office/giortes minor fix
app-text/xml2po-gentoo [app-text/xml2po-gentoo] Initial commit, used by transifex/gorg
dev-bash/balls [dev-bash/balls] Update license, upstream issue 6
dev-python/feedparser moved to okupy overlay
gnome-extra/gnome-globalmenu [gnome-extra/global-mainmenu] copy ebuild from master site
kde-misc [kde-misc/kdiff3] new ebuild
media-sound add pamixer
media-tv/popcorntime-bin bump popcorn
metadata Add metadata/layout.conf to make pkgcore shut up :)
net-dns/dnsblast [net-dns/dnsblast] new ebuild, dns tool
net-im/viber viber
net-libs [net-libs/libosmo-sccp] new packet first commit
net-misc [net-misc/lcr] patch pushed source repo
net-p2p/btsync workdir fix
net-print/hplip [net-print/hplip] Add ebuild from tree and patch from bug 428672 for
net-wireless bump system-tar-and-restore & rtl8187se
profiles Mask app-misc/dummy-5
sci-mathematics/scilab-bin [sci-mathematics/scilab-bin] Minor fixes
sys-auth/ykpers up and running
x11-libs/libeasyrandr update broken libeasyrandr ebuilds
x11-misc remove compile & install step since the default action is invoked anyway [] shorten the name

Gentoo ebuild overlay of the Greek Gentoo Community

The overlay is available through layman:
layman -f -a gentoo-el

If you want to report a bug, please use Gentoo Bugzilla.
IMPORTANT: You need to put [gentoo-el overlay] in the Summary.
In case you have permissions to assign bugs, please assign it to

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