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Cabal home page:
-= Quirky things about the build system =-
* "make install" as root, then try "ghci -package Cabal" to test it.
* GNUmakefile is the one you're probably interested in. If you see
Makefile, it is probably from the fptools build tree, and it won't
work on its own.
* The GNUmakefile wraps the standard Cabal setup script; the
GNUmakefile is a convinience for bootstrapping the system. "sudo
make install" should handle HUnit, generate the setup script,
configure, build, install, and register it in a standard location.
* HUnit is included both as a test case for Cabal, and because Cabal
uses HUnit for testing. Don't panic.
-= Your Help =-
Portability is one of the most important things about this project.
We don't expect the early releases to work on every system, but it
should work on YOUR system! If it doesn't please help us figure out
why, and write a patch and test case to fix the problem, if you can!
The codebase is a very manageable size.
-= Code =-
You can get the code from the web page; the version control system we
use is very open and welcoming to new developers.
-= Debian Templates =-
Build a Debian source tree with:
dh_make -d -t /full/path/to/debiantemplates
After, you just need to edit the copyright, description, and
-= Credits (in alphabetical order) =-
Cabal Coders:
- Krasimir Angelov
- Bjorn Bringert
- Isaac Jones
- Simon Marlow
- Ross Patterson
- Martin Sjögren
- Malcolm Wallace (via hmake)
Cabal proposal:
- Isaac Jones
- Simon Marlow
- Ross Patterson
- Simon Peyton Jones
- Malcolm Wallace
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