Commits on Nov 28, 2009
  1. Bump version to 0.6.4

    dcoutts committed Nov 28, 2009
  2. Update .cabal bits and changelog

    dcoutts committed Nov 28, 2009
Commits on Nov 23, 2009
  1. Allow numeric fields in tar headers that use binary format

    dcoutts committed Nov 23, 2009
    This is an old non-standard extension that some tar tools still use.
Commits on Nov 22, 2009
  1. Create all parent directories of extraced files

    dcoutts committed Nov 22, 2009
    Previously only created the immediate parent directory.
    No rely more heavily on the file security check to make
    sure we are not writing files outside of the target area.
  2. Ignore PAX entries when checking for tarbombs

    dcoutts committed Nov 22, 2009
    When checking for tarbombs, ignore PAX entry types 'g' and 'x'.
    These do not get extracted so their names do not matter.
Commits on Oct 20, 2009
  1. Apply suggestion for bootstrap failure message

    dcoutts committed Oct 20, 2009
    ghc ticket #3602
Commits on Aug 29, 2009
  1. Fix calculation of paths in check for bindir symlink overwriting

    dcoutts committed Aug 29, 2009
    We were doing it wrong, but Linux realpath() C function was letting
    us get away with it. The Solaris realpath() is stricter.
    The new implementation is also simpler, relying on the fact that
    the canonicalizePath function will resolve symlinks.
Commits on Jun 13, 2009
  1. Now supporting explicit --user or --global switches in w…

    dino- committed Jun 13, 2009
    …ith usage feedback for bad args
    This change was adapted from work submitted to the cabal-devel mailing list by Jason Dusek.
Commits on Jun 11, 2009
  1. add message to 'package not found' error advising to run 'cabal updat…

    Brent Yorgey committed Jun 11, 2009
    …e'. (#497)
Commits on Jun 5, 2009
  1. Fix sdist

    dcoutts committed Jun 5, 2009
    Fix handling of base dir in tar file creation.
  2. Only apply preferences to base if its version is unbounded above

    dcoutts committed Jun 5, 2009
    This is a backport to the cabal-install 0.6.x series. It relies
    on the VersionIntervals ADT which was added in Cabal-1.7.x, so
    that also had to be backported.
Commits on Jun 4, 2009
  1. Only report preferred new versions of cabal-install are available

    dcoutts committed Jun 4, 2009
    That is, use the "preferred-versions" mechanism when deciding
    whether there is a new version available. This would allow us to
    upload a new version without everyone immediately being told to
    get it and try it out.
  2. Make cabal upload/check print out the error messages reported by the …

    dcoutts committed Jun 4, 2009
    The code to do it was already there but we were checking for the
    mime type text/plain using just (==) when in fact the server reports  
      text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1"
    so we have to parse the field a bit better (still a bit of a hack).
Commits on Jun 3, 2009
Commits on May 31, 2009
  1. Simplify version ranges before printing in error messages

    dcoutts committed May 31, 2009
    Part of ticket #369
Commits on Mar 21, 2009
  1. Improve the parse error message for package name/deps

    dcoutts committed Mar 21, 2009
    Make it clear that it's the specification of the package name that
    is at fault rather than the package to which the name refers.
Commits on Mar 18, 2009
Commits on Mar 15, 2009
  1. Clarify the instructions in the README and

    dcoutts committed Mar 15, 2009
    Addresses the complaint in ticket #523.
Commits on Mar 8, 2009
  1. Debian in their wisdom decided to build network against parsec 3.

    dcoutts committed Mar 8, 2009
    So checking for parsec 2 fails. We don't strictly need parsec, it's
    just a dependency of network, so remove the check.
Commits on Mar 1, 2009
Commits on Feb 23, 2009
Commits on Feb 21, 2009
  1. Actually does compile with unix-1.0 that comes with ghc-6.6

    dcoutts committed Feb 21, 2009
    ghc-6.6.1 came with unix-2.1
Commits on Feb 19, 2009
  1. Update the README

    dcoutts committed Feb 19, 2009
Commits on Feb 18, 2009
  1. Add missing other-modules

    dcoutts committed Feb 18, 2009
  2. Bump version to 0.6.2

    dcoutts committed Feb 18, 2009
  3. Tweaks to the bootstrap script

    dcoutts committed Feb 18, 2009
    Update Cabal lib version to
    Implement a couple shell script coding style recommendations.
Commits on Feb 16, 2009
  1. Add warnings in the case that no remote servers have been specified

    dcoutts committed Feb 16, 2009
    It's not strictly an error but it can be rather confusing.
Commits on Feb 15, 2009
  1. Change the field order in the initial config file.

    dcoutts committed Feb 15, 2009
    Also update the name of one excluded field.