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Feb 06, 2006

  1. combine GNUmakefile and Makefile

    Simon Marlow authored

Feb 01, 2006

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    fix version number in fptools makefile to match .cabal file

    SyntaxPolice authored

Jan 31, 2006

  1. Duncan Coutts

    Add extraGHCiLibraries to the InstalledPackageInfo and extend the par…

    dcoutts authored

Jan 13, 2006

  1. TAG checkpoint

    simonmar authored
  2. Tranform info an fptools-ready package

    The fptools version of this package needs different Makefiles, so add
    them and remove the original GNUmakefiles.
    Simon Marlow authored

Jan 09, 2006

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    cleaned up some FIX (HUGS)

    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    from ross: Hugs: include the auto-generated module when installing an…

    … executable.
    SyntaxPolice authored
  3. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    cleaning up TODO

    SyntaxPolice authored

Dec 12, 2005

  1. Josef Svenningsson

    Add language extension GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving. See GHC's docs 7.4.12

    josefs authored

Dec 10, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    moving code around. comments

    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    tweaks to make --with-runghc and --with-runhugs work in cabal-install.

    SyntaxPolice authored
  3. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    mostly patches from Krasimir

     * Isaac added a warning to haddock for Hooks
      the "data-files" field may contain filenames with directories. We should create
      the missing directories at install place first
      Use removeDirectoryRecursive instead of system "rm ..." because the former is
      more platform idependent.
      The sdist command was broken because it is using smartCopySources. The later
      was using the hs-source-dirs for lookup but at the target place the files were
      created without the corresponding source sub directories. Now it have
      boolean parameter which specifies whether to preserve to directory structure.
    SyntaxPolice authored

Dec 05, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    Sven Panne: For the 1000th time: Fixed DocBook XML. Please, please do…

    … a "make validate"
    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    docs for cabal-version field

    SyntaxPolice authored
  3. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    check for correct cabal version during parsing

    I throw a parse error if this package has the wrong cabal version.
    This is so that the user can get this error before getting an error
    for eg. an unknown field.  Also check it in the sanity checker.
    I just hard-code the cabal version in the source, it would be nicer if
    we got it from the .cabal file.  cabal could include the version in
    the cpp flags, but cabal's setup file needs to build without cabal, so
    that wouldn't actually work for us ahem.
    SyntaxPolice authored
  4. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    adding cabal-version flag. nothing is done with it for now.

    SyntaxPolice authored

Dec 04, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    tweak cabal-install stuff

    SyntaxPolice authored

Nov 28, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    some code to build cabal-install

    SyntaxPolice authored

Nov 27, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    ross fixes for some flags

    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    ross's documentation for new --user behavior

    SyntaxPolice authored
  3. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    Adding CabalInstall; an experimental tool to install cabal packages i…

    …n a single step.
    SyntaxPolice authored

Nov 24, 2005

  1. Andres Löh

    add absolutePath and prefixRelPath to the list of exported functions …

    …in LocalBuildInfo
    kosmikus authored

Nov 15, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    modified install --user behavior to include configure --user

    If the user configures with --user, that means that they are willing
    to satisfy dependencies from the user databaes.  If that's the case,
    then it really only makes sense to install the package as --user as
    well, since if user A installs configures / builds the package with
    --user, then installs it as root, user B may attempt to use the
    package and not be able to fulfill the dependencies.  Therefore, if
    the package is configured as --user, then we also will call ghc-pkg
    with --user.
    Of course, in this case:
    ./setup configure --user
    ./setup install --global
    Cabal will accept the user's instructions to install this globally,
    however ill conceived.  This changes the type of the install hook,
    btw, since we now need to be able to tell the difference between
    passing the --global flag and not passing any flag.
    Any objections to this change?
    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    rolled back patch for hide pragma

    SyntaxPolice authored
  3. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    new comment in FilePath

    SyntaxPolice authored

Nov 14, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    Added hookedPrograms to user hooks.

    This allows users to add programs to the list of programs that
    configure looks for.  If a user adds a program with this hook,
    configure will try to find it, and arguments will be added to
    configure for this program.
    See test/withHooks for an example.
    SyntaxPolice authored

Nov 13, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    Einar Karttunen put together support for haddock-izing hidden modules.

    I added a test case.  I'm a bit concerned about munging the modules by
    adding a 'hidden' pragma here, but it doesn't seem to cause a problem.
    SyntaxPolice authored

Nov 12, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    cleaned up test suite for some new behaviors.

    Have an unknown error while building "execWithC" for Hugs:
    Cases: 11  Tried: 0  Errors: 0  Failures: 0Setup.lhs: Warning: No license-file field.
    Setup.lhs: Warning: No license-file field.
    dist/build/programs/tt/Main.c: In function 'hugsprim_foo_0':
    dist/build/programs/tt/Main.c:16: warning: implicit declaration of function 'foo'
    runhugs: Error occurred
    ERROR ",tmp/lib/hugs/programs/tt/Main.hs" - Error while importing DLL "/home/ijones/usr/src/haskell/fptools/libraries/Cabal/tests/exeWithC/,tmp/lib/hugs/programs/tt/":
    /home/ijones/usr/src/haskell/fptools/libraries/Cabal/tests/exeWithC/,tmp/lib/hugs/programs/tt/ unexpected reloc type 0x09
    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    by Evgeny Chukreev: This patch fixes case when buildinfo file has mor…

    …e than one executable block. Without this patch all executables go to void.
    SyntaxPolice authored
  3. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    Krasimir: Warning message for absolute bindir/libdir/datadir/libexecdir

    SyntaxPolice authored

Oct 31, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    cvs pulls from krasimir and ross

    * Ross
      ghcconfig.h is not needed for GHC >= 6.4
      update library links for haddock 0.7 (in Cabal.xml)
    * Krasimir
      * The sentence:
        An error will be returned from <literal>setup configure</literal> if
        this is not the case.
      is replaced with:
        If this is not the case then the compiled executable will have baked
        in all absolute paths.
      * The previous implementation for Paths_<pkgid>.hs building was broken on Windows.
      The prefixRel function was expecting that all bindir/libdir/datadir/... paths
      are $prefix relative but the corresponding functions (mkBinDir/mkLibDir/...)
      was returning absolute paths with expanded $path variable. This commit fixes
      the bug and also:
         * In LocalBuildInfo are added mkLibDirRel/mkBinDirRel/... functions. They
      return the corresponding but without the $prefix part. When the path isn't
      prefix relative then they return Nothing
         * The restriction that all paths on Windows are $prefix relative is removed.
         * The code in Paths_<pkgid>.hs can contain both absolute and prefix relative
      paths. When the package is configured only with $prefix relative paths then
      the generated executable will be prefix independent and can be moved from one
      directory to another.
      * Paths_<pkg>.hs was generated before each build and this was causing GHC to
      rebuild the package each time. Now it is generated only when it is older than
      * Change the foreign import syntax to use the standard FFI syntax
      * Two changes to HADDOCK support:
          - In the last version only the exposed modules were passed to haddock.
      In order to generate proper documentation all modules should be processed
      from haddock but the non exposed modules should be hiden.
          - Added support for executable packages in Haddock.
    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    moving TODO items to bug tracker

    SyntaxPolice authored

Oct 25, 2005

  1. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    importing haskell98 where appropriate

    SyntaxPolice authored
  2. Isaac Potoczny-Jones

    docs for Debian release

    SyntaxPolice authored

Jul 14, 2005

  1. Make haddock support documentation in hidden modules.

    Einar Karttunen authored
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