Breaking cabal updates from upstream #1

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ghost commented Aug 28, 2012

breaking just because after accepting this we need somehow update hack-port and apply my patch gentoo-haskell/hackport#7

kolmodin and others added some commits Dec 26, 2010

@kolmodin @mpkh kolmodin cabal-install: put the Paths_cabal_install.hs in place as expected 03e7f88
@kolmodin @mpkh kolmodin Fix error messages with "cabal update" -> "hackport update" Same fix …
…as once did for cabal-install-0.8.2, which we now are replacing.
@trofi @mpkh trofi disable hackage's preferred-versions (as we don't use it when merge e…
…builds) contains preferred-versions for some interesting
packages. For now it's 'base-3'.

Otherwise depends generated by hackport differ from ones pulled by ./Setup.hs.
@trofi @mpkh trofi cabal/cabal: added needed Patch_Cabal.hs
Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>
@trofi @mpkh trofi cabal/cabal-install: renamed D.C.Exception -> D.C.ExceptionCI to avoi…
…d clash with Cabal's one

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>
@mpkh mpkh bump path versions based on nCdy/cabal@48e1c13 72bb870
@soenkehahn soenkehahn fix printing of latest versions for packages that are not on hackage 31a59d1
@byorgey byorgey Merge pull request #1018 from soenkehahn/master
fixed crash when printing latest versions with 'cabal install'
@bos bos Ignore some more undesirable files 6450123
@bos bos Do not pass -XHaskell98 to older compilers (fixes #1016) 8036af8
@bos bos Merge branch 'cabal-1.16' 216d6c7
@tibbe tibbe Fix failing test
Also print more informative test failure messages.

Contributed by Stephen Blackheath.
@tibbe tibbe Merge branch 'cabal-1.16' e0b6bbe
@ygale ygale Link to github instead of trac in cabal-install.cabal. 25d3560
Brent Yorgey Link to github issue tracker in Cabal.cabal as well 847a926
@sol sol cabal-install: Adapt for GHC 7.6 d9d3382
@tibbe tibbe Move comment that was missed in a refactoring ceee221
@tuncer tuncer Adapt to ghc-7.6 changes c59cf49
@tibbe tibbe Merge branch 'cabal-1.16' aa5fc27
@juhp juhp cabal-install.cabal: add Distribution.Client.JobControl and Distribut…
@juhp juhp cabal-install.cabal: also add missing Distribution.Compat.Time 8edc6b7
@juhp juhp cabal-install.cabal: add Distribution.Client.JobControl and Distribut…
@tibbe tibbe Merge branch 'cabal-1.16' 8a8e0bb
@mpkh mpkh merge IndexUtils.hs, changes from upstream rewrite our changes 32cd9f2
@mpkh mpkh applieng gentoo-haskell changes on IndexUtils.hs on upstream 04fd601

ghost commented Sep 20, 2012

outdated pull, already merged.

ghost closed this Sep 20, 2012

This issue was closed.

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