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Official upstream development repository for Cabal and cabal-install

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== cabal install ==

The automatic package manager for Haskell!

Intended usage:

  cabal install xmonad

Just works. Defaults make sense.

It also has all the other commands that runhaskell Setup.hs supports. Eg

  cabal configure
  cabal build
  cabal install
  cabal haddock
  cabal sdist
  cabal clean

See cabal --help for the full list.

There are also these extra commands:

  cabal update         Updates the packages list from the hackage server
  cabal list [pkgs]    List packages with the given search terms in their name
  cabal upgrade [pkgs] Like install but also upgrade all dependencies
  cabal upgrade        Upgrade all installed packages
  cabal upload  [tar]  Upload a package tarball to the hackage server
  cabal check          Check the package for common mistakes

== Dependences ==

Dependencies on standard libs:
   base >= 2.1, process, directory, pretty, bytestring >= 0.9
   network, filepath >= 1.0, Cabal >=1.3.11 && <1.5

Dependencies on other libs:
   zlib >= 0.4, HTTP >= 3000.0 && < 3001.2
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