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official gentoo haskell overlay
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Gentoo Haskell project

Quickest start

First, let's enable the Gentoo Haskell overlay. We can either use the eselect-repository method:

# Install eselect-repository if you don't already have it
emerge app-eselect/eselect-repository
# Fetch and output the list of overlays
eselect repository list
eselect repository enable haskell

or we can use the layman method:

# Add important USE flags for layman to your package.use directory:
echo "app-portage/layman sync-plugin-portage git" >> /etc/portage/package.use/layman
# Install layman if you don't already have it
emerge app-portage/layman
# Rebuild layman's repos.conf file:
layman-updater -R
# Add the Gentoo Haskell overlay:
layman -a haskell

Finally, we need to unmask the overlay (this does not apply if your system is already running on the ~testing branch):

# Unmask ~testing versions for your arch:
echo "*/*::haskell ~$(portageq envvar ARCH)" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords

And here is the trick to speed up metadata resolution a bit. If you happen to use eix-sync for rsyncs you might like the following /etc/eix-sync.conf:

@egencache --jobs="$(($(nproc) + 1))" --repo=haskell --update --update-use-local-desc

It basically means:

  • sync overlays in layman list before the main tree sync
  • generate metadata for haskell repo after main tree sync is done, using N+1 cores

Developer's corner

Have a nice haskell-related ebuild to share with community? Look at our Developer's README!

Loner's corner

Alternatively if you really don't want to share any ebuilds (want to keep outdated package versions, highly experimental things, publically unavailable stuff, other reasons) that's also fine.

You can keep such ebuilds in your local overlay.

Here is a complete example of creating minimal overlay with a single haskell ebuild from hackage:

# create overlay and populate it (gentoo-generic):
$ mkdir my-ovl
$ cd    my-ovl
$ mkdir metadata
$ echo 'masters = gentoo' > metadata/layout.conf
# register an overlay in /etc/portage/repos.conf:
$ echo '[my-ovl]' >> /etc/portage/repos.conf
$ echo "location = $(pwd)" >> /etc/portage/repos.conf

# haskell-specific stuff
$ hackport -p . update

# adding an example ebuild
$ hackport merge hichi
$ emerge -av1 hichi
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