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app-accessibility/hsay app-accessibility/hsay: Bump to 1.1.0
app-admin/haskell-updater app-admin/haskell-updater: bump up to 1.2.9
app-editors app-editors/leksah: allow QC-2.8
app-emacs app-emacs/hindent: bump up to 4.4.1
app-emulation/ganeti app-emulation/ganeti: we are in the process of getting rid of deepseq
app-misc/lambdawars metadata.xml: from <maintainer> field in favour of <herd> one
app-portage app-portage/hackport: bump up to 0.4.5
app-shells/lambdashell metadata.xml: from <maintainer> field in favour of <herd> one
app-text app-text/pandoc: allow QuickCheck-2.8
app-vim app-vim/haskellmode: fix repoman errors
dev-haskell dev-haskell/vector: bump up to
dev-lang dev-lang/idris: drop KEYWORDS from live ebuild
dev-tex/polytable fix remnants of trailing '.' in DESCRIPTION and '<maintainer>' sectio…
dev-util dev-util/shelltestrunner: allow utf8-string
dev-vcs dev-vcs/git-annex: bump up to 5.20150317
eclass haskell-cabal.eclass: enable dynamic linking for all binaries (ghc-7.…
games-action games-action/nikki: allow utf8-string
games-arcade metadata.xml: from <maintainer> field in favour of <herd> one
games-fps/frag metadata.xml: from <maintainer> field in favour of <herd> one
games-puzzle games-puzzle/h2048: Bump to version
games-roguelike/scroll games-roguelike/scroll: bump up to 1.20150323
games-sports/freekick2 metadata.xml: from <maintainer> field in favour of <herd> one
media-fonts/hasklig update hasklig
media-sound media-sound/hpodder: added forgotten file
metadata portage/gentoo-haskell: removed explicit deepseq depend (core lib sin…
net-irc/y0l0bot net-irc/y0l0bot: bump up to 0.1.1
net-mail net-mail/list-remote-forwards: new package
net-misc net-misc/htsn-import: version bump 0.2.3 -> 0.2.4.
net-p2p/combinatorrent net-p2p/combinatorrent: allow quickcheck-2.8
profiles games-roguelike/scroll: a new game!
projects README.rst: move developer-related stuff to 'projects/doc/README.rst'
sci-biology sci-biology/flower: port to ghc-7.8
sci-calculators/clac Bump sci-calculators/clac-0.{4,5}.0
sci-mathematics sci-mathematics/agda: allow quickcheck-2.8
sci-physics/chipmunk metadata.xml: from <maintainer> field in favour of <herd> one
sys-apps/nix fix remnants of trailing '.' in DESCRIPTION and '<maintainer>' sectio…
www-apps www-apps/blogliterately: upstream dropped utf8-string depend
www-client/hbro www-client/hbro: fix for network-2.6
www-misc www-misc/urlcheck: fix for network-2.6
www-servers/mighttpd2 www-servers/mighttpd2: bump up to 3.2.4
x11-misc x11-misc/xmobar: dropped upstreamed utf8-string-1 support
x11-wm Loosen utf8-string dep in xmonad-9999
.authorspellings .authorspellings: added Emil Karlson (aka Ke)
.gitignore Ignore all editor backup files
.travis.yml update .travis.yml
README.rst README.rst: added section on how to run own local overlay
sets.conf rename */*::gentoo-haskell to */*::haskell


Gentoo Haskell project

Quickest start

Haskell overlay consists of unstable software, so you'll likely need to keyword everything in it:

# install layman, if you don't have it yet:
emerge layman
layman -f
echo source /var/lib/layman/make.conf >> /etc/portage/make.conf
# and the overlay configuration itself:
layman -a haskell
# and unmask unstable versions for your arch:
echo "*/*::haskell ~$(portageq envvar ARCH)" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords

And here is the trick to speed up metadata resolution a bit. If you happen to use eix-sync for rsyncs you might like the following /etc/eix-sync.conf:

@egencache --jobs="$(($(nproc) + 1))" --repo=haskell --update --update-use-local-desc

It basically means:

  • sync overlays in layman list before the main tree sync
  • generate metadata for haskell repo after main tree sync is done, using N+1 cores

Developer's corner

Have a nice haskell-related ebuild to share with community? Look at our Developer's README!

Loner's corner

Alternatively if you really don't want to share any ebuilds (want to keep outdated package versions, highly experimental things, publically unavailable stuff, other reasons) that's also fine.

You can keep such ebuilds in your local overlay.

Here is a complete example of creating minimal overlay with a single haskell ebuild from hackage:

# create overlay and populate it (gentoo-generic):
$ mkdir my-ovl
$ cd    my-ovl
$ mkdir metadata
$ echo 'masters = gentoo' > metadata/layout.conf
$ echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="'$(pwd) '${PORTDIR_OVERLAY}"' >> /etc/portage/make.conf

# haskell-specific stuff
$ hackport -p . update

# adding an example ebuild
$ hackport merge hichi
$ emerge -av1 hichi
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