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-- Canonical author spellings can be defined in this file, to clean up
-- the output of show authors. Each line contains one or more
-- comma-separated fields: the canonical name and email address in
-- angle brackets, optionally followed by additional regular
-- expression patterns. Blank lines and lines beginning with -- are
-- ignored. An author string which contains the canonical email
-- address or any of the patterns will be replaced by the full
-- canonical form. All matching is case-insensitive. To match the
-- whole author string use ^ and $.
Andres Loeh <>,
Chris Parrott <>,
Duncan Coutts <>,
Lennart Kolmodin <>,
Luis F. Araujo <>,
Martin Rosenberg <>,
Sergei Trofimovich <>,
Ivan Lazar Miljenovic <>
Emil Karlson <>