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Perpetual TODO

  • [easy-to-hard] Add packages requested by people to the overlay. HackPort is a nice tool to do it fast.

  • [easy-to-moderate] Keep up-to-date upstream versions in overlay, fix depends broken by package updates and upstream fixes. HackPort can help in tracking: hackport status --from-hackage.

  • Improve HackPort tool.

  • [easy] Some packages are patched on top of upstream. Ideally they shoud not :]. Your goal is to push nice patches upstream. Haskell world is very eager in getting feedback, so it's a source of pleasure to work with upstream!

    Some code snippets on scanning the tree for such patched packages:

    • git grep PATCHES
    • git grep epatch
    • git grep -E '\<sed\>'
    • git grep cabal_chdeps
  • [moderate] Some packages have their testuites, but ebuilds don't utilize it or have tests blocked. Blocked tests are easy to find with git grep RESTRICT.

    Here is some notes to say:

    • upstream tests are sometimes unportable hacks, so your aim is to rework ill written testsuites by using Cabal recently introduced testing interface and/or using libraries helping in testing (HUnit, QuickCheck, test-framework-*). See tests in darcs as an advanced example.
  • [moderate] Get ghc bugs fixed upstream, send patches

  • [easy-to-moderate] Help fix & improve cabal. Improve cabal-install.

  • [easy] Write a program to check for build errors of package in overlay.

  • [easy] run repoman full on the overlay and provide fixes for found QA notices.

Speculative TODO

  • SLOT libs (i personally think it's a worthless goal)
  • SLOT ghc (probly not possible with current portage)
  • eclectic/haskell-config (related to SLOTting ghc & libs)