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module Config where
import System.Console.GetOpt
import Control.Exception
import Text.Regex
import Distribution.Package
import Error
import MaybeRead
data HackPortOptions
= TarCommand String
| PortageTree String
| Category String
| Server String
| TempDir String
| Verify
| Verbosity String
data OperationMode
= Query String
| Merge PackageIdentifier
| ListAll
| DiffTree DiffMode
| Update
| ShowHelp
data DiffMode
= ShowAll
| ShowMissing
| ShowAdditions
| ShowCommon
deriving Eq
data Config = Config
{ tarCommand ::String
, portageTree ::Maybe String
, portageCategory ::String
, server ::String
, tmp ::String
, verify ::Bool
, verbosity ::Verbosity
data Verbosity
= Debug
| Normal
| Silent
packageRegex = mkRegex "^(.*?)-([0-9].*)$"
defaultConfig :: Config
defaultConfig = Config
{ tarCommand = "/bin/tar"
, portageTree = Nothing
, portageCategory = "dev-haskell"
, server = ""
, tmp = "/tmp"
, verify = False
, verbosity = Normal
hackageOptions :: [OptDescr HackPortOptions]
hackageOptions = [Option ['p'] ["portage-tree"] (ReqArg PortageTree "PATH") "The portage tree to merge to"
,Option ['c'] ["portage-category"] (ReqArg Category "CATEGORY") "The cateory the program belongs to"
,Option ['s'] ["server"] (ReqArg Server "URL") "The Hackage server to query"
,Option ['t'] ["temp-dir"] (ReqArg TempDir "PATH") "A temp directory where tarballs can be stored"
,Option [] ["tar"] (ReqArg TarCommand "PATH") "Path to the \"tar\" executable"
,Option [] ["verify"] (NoArg Verify) "Verify downloaded tarballs using GnuPG"
,Option ['v'] ["verbosity"] (ReqArg Verbosity "debug|normal|silent") "Set verbosity level(default is 'normal')"
optionsToConfig :: Config -> [HackPortOptions] -> Config
optionsToConfig cfg [] = cfg
optionsToConfig cfg (x:xs) = optionsToConfig (case x of
TarCommand str -> cfg { tarCommand = str }
PortageTree str -> cfg { portageTree = Just str }
Category str -> cfg { portageCategory = str }
Server str -> cfg { server = str }
TempDir str -> cfg { tmp = str }
Verify -> cfg { verify = True }
Verbosity str -> cfg { verbosity=maybe (throwDyn (UnknownVerbosityLevel str)) id (parseVerbosity str) }) xs
parseConfig :: [String] -> Either String (Config,OperationMode)
parseConfig opts = case getOpt Permute hackageOptions opts of
(popts,"query":[],[]) -> Left "Need a package name to query.\n"
(popts,"query":package:[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,Query package)
(popts,"query":package:rest,[]) -> Left ("'query' takes one argument("++show ((length rest)+1)++" given).\n")
(popts,"merge":[],[]) -> Left "Need a package's name and version to merge it.\n"
(popts,"merge":package:[],[]) -> case readPMaybe parsePackageId package of
Nothing ->Left ("Could not parse '"++package++"' to a valid package. Valid packages use <name>-<version-number>-<version-postfix> where version consists only of numbers and points.\n")
Just pid -> Right (ropts popts,Merge pid)
(popts,"merge":_:rest,[]) -> Left ("'merge' takes 1 argument("++show ((length rest)+1)++" given).\n")
(popts,"list":[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,ListAll)
(popts,"list":rest,[]) -> Left ("'list' takes zero arguments("++show (length rest)++" given).\n")
(popts,"diff":[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,DiffTree ShowAll)
(popts,"diff":"all":[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,DiffTree ShowAll)
(popts,"diff":"missing":[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,DiffTree ShowMissing)
(popts,"diff":"additions":[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,DiffTree ShowAdditions)
(popts,"diff":"common":[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,DiffTree ShowCommon)
(popts,"diff":arg:[],[]) -> Left ("Unknown argument to 'diff': Use all,missing,additions or common.\n")
(popts,"diff":arg1:args,[]) -> Left ("'diff' takes one argument("++show ((length args)+1)++" given).\n")
(popts,"update":[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,Update)
(popts,"update":rest,[]) -> Left ("'update' takes zero arguments("++show (length rest)++" given).\n")
(popts,[],[]) -> Right (ropts popts,ShowHelp)
(_,_,[]) -> Left "Unknown opertation mode\n"
(_,_,errs) -> Left ("Error parsing flags:\n"++concat errs)
ropts op = optionsToConfig defaultConfig op
hackageUsage :: IO ()
hackageUsage = putStr (usageInfo "Usage:\t\"hackport [OPTION] MODE [MODETARGET]\"\n\t\"hackport [OPTION] list\" lists all available packages\n\t\"hackport [OPTION] query PKG\" shows all versions of a package\n\t\"hackport [OPTION] merge PKG VERSION\" merges a package into the portage tree\n\t\"hackport [OPTION] diff\" lists the difference between the portage-tree and the server's packages\n\t\"hackport [OPTION] update\" updates the local cache\nOptions:" hackageOptions)
parseVerbosity :: String -> Maybe Verbosity
parseVerbosity "debug" = Just Debug
parseVerbosity "normal" = Just Normal
parseVerbosity "silent" = Just Silent
parseVerbosity _ = Nothing
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