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{-# OPTIONS -fglasgow-exts #-}
module Error where
import Data.Typeable
import Distribution.Package
data HackPortError
= ConnectionFailed String
| PackageNotFound
| InvalidTarballURL String String
| InvalidSignatureURL String String
| VerificationFailed String String
| DownloadFailed String String
| UnknownCompression String
| UnpackingFailed String Int
| NoCabalFound String
| ExtractionFailed String String Int
| CabalParseFailed String String
deriving (Typeable)
type HackPortResult a = Either
hackPortShowError :: String -> Maybe PackageIdentifier -> HackPortError -> String
hackPortShowError server package err = case err of
ConnectionFailed reason -> "Connection to hackage server '"++server++"' failed: "++reason
PackageNotFound -> "Package '"++(maybe "" show package)++"' not found on server"
InvalidTarballURL url reason -> "Error while downloading tarball '"++url++"': "++reason
InvalidSignatureURL url reason -> "Error while downloading signature '"++url++"': "++reason
VerificationFailed file signature -> "Error while checking signature('"++signature++"') of '"++file++"'"
DownloadFailed url reason -> "Error while downloading '"++url++"': "++reason
UnknownCompression tarball -> "Couldn't guess compression type of '"++tarball++"'"
UnpackingFailed tarball code -> "Unpacking '"++tarball++"' failed with exit code '"++show code++"'"
NoCabalFound tarball -> "Tarball '"++tarball++"' doesn't contain a cabal file"
ExtractionFailed tarball file code -> "Extracting '"++file++"' from '"++tarball++"' failed with '"++show code++"'"
CabalParseFailed file reason -> "Error while parsing cabal file '"++file++"': "++reason
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