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module Main where
import System.Environment
import System.Exit
import Distribution.Package
import Data.Version
import Control.Monad.Trans
import Control.Monad.Error
import Data.Typeable
import System.IO
import Data.Char
import Data.List
import qualified Data.Set as Set
import Action
import Error
import GenerateEbuild
import Bash
import Config
import Diff
import Portage
import Cache
import MaybeRead
readCache' :: FilePath -> HPAction Cache
readCache' portDir = let target=portDir++"/.hackagecache.xml" in readCache (portDir++"/.hackagecache.xml")
`sayDebug` ("Reading cache from '"++target++"'...",const "done.")
listAll :: HPAction ()
listAll = do
cache <- getPortageTree >>= readCache'
liftIO $ putStr $ unlines
[ showPackageId pkg | (pkg,_,_) <- sort $ packages cache ]
query :: String -> HPAction ()
query name = do
portTree <- getPortageTree
cache <- readCache' portTree
let pkgs = filter (\(PackageIdentifier {pkgName=str},_,_)->str==name) (packages cache)
if null pkgs then throwError (PackageNotFound (Left name)) else liftIO (putStr (unlines (map (showVersion.pkgVersion.(\(pkg,_,_)->pkg)) pkgs)))
merge :: PackageIdentifier -> HPAction ()
merge pid = do
portTree <- getPortageTree
cache <- readCache' portTree
rpid <- maybe (throwError (PackageNotFound (Right pid))) ( (find (\(pkg,_,_)->pkg==pid) (packages cache))
ebuild <- hackage2ebuild rpid
mergeEbuild portTree ebuild
diff :: DiffMode -> HPAction ()
diff mode = do
cfg <- getCfg
portTree <- getPortageTree
cache <- readCache' portTree
let serverPkgs'=map (\(pkg,_,_)->pkg {pkgName=map toLower (pkgName pkg)}) (packages cache)
portTree <- getPortageTree
portagePkgs <- portageGetPackages portTree
let (inport,inhack,inboth)=diffSet (Set.fromList portagePkgs) (Set.fromList serverPkgs')
let showPkgSet set = mapM_ (\pkg->echoLn (pkgName pkg++"-"++showVersion (pkgVersion pkg))) (Set.elems set)
let vindent = case verbosity cfg of
Silent -> id
_ -> indent
when (mode==ShowAll || mode==ShowMissing) (do
info "Packages in hackage, but not in the overlay:"
vindent $ showPkgSet inhack)
when (mode==ShowAll || mode==ShowAdditions) (do
info "Packages in the overlay, but not in hackage:"
vindent $ showPkgSet inport)
when (mode==ShowAll || mode==ShowCommon) (do
info "Packages in the overlay and hackage:"
vindent $ showPkgSet inboth)
update :: HPAction ()
update = do
return ()
overlayonly :: Maybe String -> HPAction ()
overlayonly pd = do
cfg <- getCfg
portdir <- maybe (getPortDir `sayDebug` ("Guessing portage main dir from /etc/make.conf...",\res->"found: "++res++".")) return pd
overlay <- getPortageTree
mainlinepkgs <- portageGetPackages portdir
`sayDebug` ("Getting package list from "++portdir++"...",const "done.")
overlaypkgs <- portageGetPackages overlay
`sayDebug` ("Getting package list from "++overlay++"...",const "done.")
info "These packages are in the overlay but not in the portage tree:"
let (_,diff,_) = diffSet (Set.fromList mainlinepkgs) (Set.fromList overlaypkgs)
let vindent = case verbosity cfg of
Silent -> id
_ -> indent
let showPkgSet set = mapM_ (\pkg->echoLn (pkgName pkg++"-"++showVersion (pkgVersion pkg))) (Set.elems set)
vindent $ showPkgSet diff
hpmain :: HPAction ()
hpmain = do
mode <- loadConfig
case mode of
ShowHelp -> liftIO hackageUsage
ListAll -> listAll
Query pkg -> query pkg
Merge pkg -> merge pkg
DiffTree mode -> diff mode
Update -> update
OverlayOnly portdir -> overlayonly portdir
main :: IO ()
main = performHPAction hpmain
instance Ord PackageIdentifier where
compare pkg1 pkg2 = case compare (pkgName pkg1) (pkgName pkg2) of
EQ -> compare (pkgVersion pkg1) (pkgVersion pkg2)
x -> x
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