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module Query where
import Verbosity
import Error
import Control.Exception
import Network.Hackage.Client
import Distribution.Package
import Data.Version
import Data.List (nub,find)
import Text.ParserCombinators.ReadP
import Prelude hiding(catch)
getPackageVersions :: Verbosity -> String -> String -> IO [Version]
getPackageVersions verb server name = do
pkgs <- listPackages server
`sayDebug` ("Getting package list from '"++server++"'... ",const "done.\n")
`catch` (\x->throwDyn $ ConnectionFailed (show x))
let foundpkgs = filter (\(pkg,_,_,_)->pkgName pkg == name) pkgs
case foundpkgs of
[] -> throwDyn (PackageNotFound (Left name))
_ -> return $ map (\(pkg,_,_,_)->pkgVersion pkg) foundpkgs
sayDebug = verboseDebug verb
getPackages :: Verbosity -> String -> IO [String]
getPackages verb server = do
pkgs <- getPackageIdentifiers server
`sayDebug` ("Getting package list from '"++server++"'... ",const "done.\n")
return $ nub $ map pkgName pkgs
sayDebug = verboseDebug verb
getPackageIdentifiers :: String -> IO [PackageIdentifier]
getPackageIdentifiers server = do
pkgs <- listPackages server `catch` (\x->throwDyn $ ConnectionFailed (show x))
return $ map (\(pkg,_,_,_)->pkg) pkgs
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