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import qualified Distribution.Package as Cabal
import qualified Portage.Overlay as Portage
import qualified Portage.Resolve as Portage
import qualified Portage.PackageId as Portage
import qualified Portage.Host as Portage
import Test.HUnit
import qualified RunTests as RT
tests :: Test
tests = TestList [ TestLabel "resolve cabal" (test_resolveCategory "dev-haskell" "cabal")
, TestLabel "resolve ghc" (test_resolveCategory "dev-lang" "ghc")
, TestLabel "resolve Cabal" (test_resolveCategory "dev-haskell" "Cabal")
, TestLabel "resolve DaRcS" (test_resolveCategory "dev-vcs" "DaRcS")
test_resolveCategory :: String -> String -> Test
test_resolveCategory cat pkg = TestCase $ do
portage_dir <- Portage.portage_dir `fmap` Portage.getInfo
portage <- Portage.loadLazy portage_dir
let cabal = Cabal.PackageName pkg
hits = Portage.resolveFullPortageName portage cabal
expected = Just (Portage.PackageName (Portage.Category cat) (Portage.normalizeCabalPackageName cabal))
assertEqual ("expecting to find package " ++ pkg) expected hits
main :: IO ()
main = RT.run_tests tests
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