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* Document the commands in Main.hs with text from README.
commandDescription and commandSynopsis fields in the CommandUI records
* continue on the CLI. see what additional flags the commands need, if there
still are any missing. set good default values, and make sure we don't
get any 'fromFlag' errors due to missing defaults for all commands
* catch baseconstraints and upgrade ghc requirement
(like in vty- base >= 4 leads to ghc >= 6.10)
* translate the dev-db/libpq dependency into virtual/postgresql-base
the cabal field to describe c libs should be translated if we know the
proper gentoo package name.
* see if PackageIndex and IndexUtils from cabal install can be used instead of Index
see Distribution.Simple.PackageIndex
PackageIndex Ebuild?
* make clear destinction of Hackage.Package and Portage.Package (notice the namespaces)
Look into Portage, P2 and whatever other hacks there might be and
properly separate them into the two categories.
See the already existing Portage.PackageId
* look into Ebuild's field ePkgDesc and its uses
* Merge the separate tool keyword-stat into hackport, and make it use the
hackport API.
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