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{-# LANGUAGE PatternGuards #-}
module Portage.Resolve
( resolveCategory
, resolveCategories
, resolveFullPortageName
) where
import qualified Portage.Overlay as Overlay
import qualified Portage.PackageId as Portage
import Distribution.Verbosity
import Distribution.Text (display)
import qualified Distribution.Package as Cabal
import Distribution.Simple.Utils
import qualified Data.Map as Map
import Error
import Debug.Trace (trace)
-- | If a package already exist in the overlay, find which category it has.
-- If it does not exist, we default to \'dev-haskell\'.
resolveCategory :: Verbosity -> Overlay.Overlay -> Cabal.PackageName -> IO Portage.Category
resolveCategory verbosity overlay pn = do
info verbosity "Searching for which category to use..."
case resolveCategories overlay pn of
[] -> do
info verbosity "No previous version of this package, defaulting category to dev-haskell."
return devhaskell
[cat] -> do
info verbosity $ "Exact match of already existing package, using category: "
++ display cat
return cat
cats -> do
warn verbosity $ "Multiple matches of categories: " ++ unwords (map display cats)
if devhaskell `elem` cats
then do notice verbosity "Defaulting to dev-haskell"
return devhaskell
else do warn verbosity "Multiple matches and no known default. Override by specifying "
warn verbosity "package category like so 'hackport merge categoryname/package[-version]."
throwEx (ArgumentError "Specify package category and try again.")
devhaskell = Portage.Category "dev-haskell"
resolveCategories :: Overlay.Overlay -> Cabal.PackageName -> [Portage.Category]
resolveCategories overlay pn =
[ cat
| (Portage.PackageName cat pn') <- Map.keys om
, Portage.normalizeCabalPackageName pn == pn'
om = Overlay.overlayMap overlay
resolveFullPortageName :: Overlay.Overlay -> Cabal.PackageName -> Maybe Portage.PackageName
resolveFullPortageName overlay pn =
case resolveCategories overlay pn of
[] -> Nothing
[cat] -> ret cat
cats | (cat:_) <- (filter (`elem` cats) priority) -> ret cat
| otherwise -> trace ("Ambiguous package name: " ++ show pn ++ ", hits: " ++ show cats) Nothing
ret c = return (Portage.PackageName c (Portage.normalizeCabalPackageName pn))
mkC = Portage.Category
-- if any of these categories show up in the result list, the match isn't
-- ambiguous, pick the first match in the list
priority = [ mkC "dev-haskell"
, mkC "sys-libs"
, mkC "dev-libs"
, mkC "x11-libs"
, mkC "media-libs"
, mkC "net-libs"
, mkC "sci-libs"
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