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The TODO got lost during the conversion and cleanup from darcs to git,

add it back.
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+* Document the commands in Main.hs with text from README.
+ commandDescription and commandSynopsis fields in the CommandUI records
+* continue on the CLI. see what additional flags the commands need, if there
+ still are any missing. set good default values, and make sure we don't
+ get any 'fromFlag' errors due to missing defaults for all commands
+* catch baseconstraints and upgrade ghc requirement
+ (like in vty- base >= 4 leads to ghc >= 6.10)
+* translate the dev-db/libpq dependency into virtual/postgresql-base
+ the cabal field to describe c libs should be translated if we know the
+ proper gentoo package name.
+* see if PackageIndex and IndexUtils from cabal install can be used instead of Index
+ see Distribution.Simple.PackageIndex
+ PackageIndex Ebuild?
+* make clear destinction of Hackage.Package and Portage.Package (notice the namespaces)
+ Look into Portage, P2 and whatever other hacks there might be and
+ properly separate them into the two categories.
+ See the already existing Portage.PackageId
+* look into Ebuild's field ePkgDesc and its uses
+* Merge the separate tool keyword-stat into hackport, and make it use the
+ hackport API.
+ See

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