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add cabal test-suite support #4

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Gentoo Haskell Community User member

we should add support for

test-suite tests[1]
build-depends: ...

it there is such a section in cabal file we should add IUSE="test"

src_configure() {
    cabal_src_configure $(use_enable test tests[1])

and all section depends should go to DEPEND in test?(...) section



I started implementing this. Has anyone a cabal with several test-suites in mind?

Another question - if a test-suite is not enabled, it shouldn't be in the ebuild also, right?

Gentoo Haskell Community User member

hello. Thank you for your work. Latest idea was to add new CABAL_FEATURE to eclass, e.g. test-suite (correct name was not discussed yet). so hackport should:
1). check if there is a test-suite in ebuild
2). if (1) is true then add 'test-suite' feature to ebuild.
I'll try to test new feature today.
And if you want to have a discussion feel free to join #gentoo-haskell on

Gentoo Haskell Community User member

Done by @qnikst in 9d905864e2b31dc8ecc62142512921072ea1718a commit
Done by @renegat96 in c1c12ae commit

@trofi trofi closed this
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