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Usage With Layman 2.0

Layman doesn't by default index the experimental snapshots repository, and if you want to make it tracked easily with layman, here is what you should do

mkdir -p /etc/layman/overlays
cat > /etc/layman/overlays/perl-experimental-snapshots.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE repositories SYSTEM "/dtd/repositories.dtd">
<repositories xmlns="" version="1.0">
    <repo quality="experimental" status="unofficial">
        <description lang="en"><![CDATA[Nightly snapshots of perl-experimental with metadata caches]]></description>
        <owner type="project">
            <name><![CDATA[Perl Team ( kentnl )]]></name>
        <source type="git">git://</source>
        <source type="git"></source>
        <source type="git"></source>
layman -f
layman -L | grep perl 
layman -a perl-experimental-snapshots

Usage with Layman 1.4.x

As above, but a manual amount of glue is required to make it work.

--- /etc/layman/layman.cfg  2012-07-19 04:05:20.379767887 +1200
+++ /etc/layman/layman.cfg  2012-07-19 04:06:01.893766319 +1200
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
 #            file:///var/lib/layman/my-list.xml

 overlays  :
+       file:///etc/layman/overlays/perl-experimental-snapshots.xml

 # Proxy support
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