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Ebuild versions of CPAN distributions


Ebuild versions and CPAN distribution versions are ordered differently.

The order of ebuild versions is specified in PMS.

Perl version objects have different schemes: There are actually two distinct kinds of version objects:

  • Decimal Versions

    These correspond to historical versions of Perl itself prior to 5.6.0, as well as all other modules which follow the Camel rules for the $VERSION scalar. A Decimal version is initialized with what looks like a floating point number. Leading zeros are significant and trailing zeros are implied so that a minimum of three places is maintained between subversions. What this means is that any subversion (digits to the right of the decimal place) that contains less than three digits will have trailing zeros added to make up the difference, but only for purposes of comparison with other version objects

  • Dotted-Decimal Versions

    Also referred to as "Dotted-Integer", these contains more than one decimal point and may have an optional embedded underscore... This is what is commonly used in most open source software as the "external" version (the one used as part of the tag or tarfile name). A leading 'v' character is now required and will warn if it missing.

    decimal    zero-padded    dotted-decimal
    -------    -----------    --------------
    1.2        1.200          v1.200.0
    1.02       1.020          v1.20.0
    1.002      1.002          v1.2.0
    1.0023     1.002300       v1.2.300
    1.00203    1.002030       v1.2.30
    1.002003   1.002003       v1.2.3


00:03 < vincent>: I'm seriously leaning towards making all ebuilds generated by CPANPLUS-Dist-Gentoo follow a versioning scheme more compatible with CPAN's : if the version starts by 'v' or has at least two dots, then it's used as-is (thus 'v1.2' becames '1.2' and '1.2.3' stays the same) ; otherwise the version number is a float 1.xxxyyyzzz... which is mapped to with padding zeros if needed ('1.1' would become '1.100', and '1.0701' would be '1.070.100')

Different implementations (increasing cpan version)

CPAN            EBUILD
         NUMIFY       NORMAL
1.0001   1.000.100    1.0.100
1.001    1.001        1.1
1.1.1   *1.1.1*       1.1.1
1.01     1.010        1.10
1.1      1.100        1.100
1.2      1.200        1.200

* 1.1.1 > 1.010 as ebuild version