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qt-gui-4.8.0: die if the user tries to clean-emerge qt-gui with cairo…

…[qt4] present

this is a corner case, but would leave users baffled, so I've added a
check and die. it would only occur if a user removes qt-gui and tries to
re-emerge it with cairo[qt4] present.

the check belongs to pkg_pretend but we are not using EAPI 4 yet :)
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commit 9a974140e87bac8ed2404e4915162538efffba42 1 parent 1270d05
@wired wired authored
Showing with 20 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +1 −1  x11-libs/qt-gui/Manifest
  2. +19 −2 x11-libs/qt-gui/qt-gui-4.8.0.ebuild
2  x11-libs/qt-gui/Manifest
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
AUX qtbug-9691-Xdefs.patch 2874 RMD160 f8a9f5b233466744dcd6e8003e091c59f42ba0d4 SHA1 3715be8f360fef018a3ba84b40ba7b7721d5580d SHA256 46a500351f0e6ae40ac00dcab788d6e3b94709c3fefa72f04bf01c14e2d177f9
DIST qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.0.tar.gz 238580694 RMD160 7506dce7743215481fd9fe56920b8a47f07a112e SHA1 2ba35adca8fb9c66a58eca61a15b21df6213f22e SHA256 9392b74e485e15f75a3e07a527547d4f6747eaf55ebce71ba0e863a9fd320b6e
EBUILD qt-gui-4.7.9999.ebuild 5101 RMD160 1fc97db030e540e54fb782937c1eab681c4f7833 SHA1 cc8ce94d9ec1d74327e0b5351bb0a02048fa4a1c SHA256 7e13a96cfe3a6eff8f861f34408936dcb4577f1c3b3322dadd70873f8bef479b
-EBUILD qt-gui-4.8.0.ebuild 6280 RMD160 f1849d653dc25fa55692329913f017c6773149dc SHA1 3fcf6c30cb5af64e03e0afe1103a1ead3b2ce33b SHA256 ba4980fc983c2144860de570416d5b40332e3058c1b12eedf6a97fce040c763d
+EBUILD qt-gui-4.8.0.ebuild 7087 RMD160 93671fda5fca61664fce4d83ffe5055f1c475ce6 SHA1 79afa01e7ff4a4e65be2de4a8ba7217ef8df546c SHA256 e07f5a16ab3c936e5fcec47d62c5cf343cba73b1d525ca5bb5bb19a8a671887e
EBUILD qt-gui-4.8.9999.ebuild 5320 RMD160 490d8a09f2260d5fe6bbdc741739cb67d89b5793 SHA1 b1f298a292a71f83f2064cec6788ae59c8f490e5 SHA256 3be34b9003e8bceadeda6af3faf6daa68c36336460e2fc31189e91d1ec4bece1
EBUILD qt-gui-4.9999.ebuild 5378 RMD160 6d7c5efef8666b0b5208b895bd24ce7bb13c57f2 SHA1 39fa0cf265614d729cc5a960e8d212b724a17418 SHA256 13221d9d5e627019e82fd816119b64edd7b0aeac5d8f19beea798c1912e791bf
MISC metadata.xml 1275 RMD160 a472aaec5ec0f859adf00d4d945a46b2b5681177 SHA1 76d59ad94fc2797657824adca31a167c1a89794d SHA256 124ac7d79112c4fee538d41fa616e11dcf0f8ff6319020da329ead4f66fcc119
21 x11-libs/qt-gui/qt-gui-4.8.0.ebuild
@@ -44,8 +44,25 @@ RDEPEND="${RDEPEND}
PDEPEND="qt3support? ( ~x11-libs/qt-qt3support-${PV}[aqua=,c++0x=,qpa=,debug=] )"
pkg_setup() {
- if ! use qt3support; then
- ewarn "WARNING: if you need 'qtconfig', you _must_ enable qt3support."
+ # this belongs to pkg_pretend, we have to upgrade to EAPI 4 :)
+ # was planning to use a dep, but to reproduce this you have to
+ # clean-emerge qt-gui[gtkstyle] while having cairo[qt4] installed.
+ # no need to restrict normal first time users for that :)
+ if use gtkstyle && ! has_version x11-libs/qt-gui && has_version x11-libs/cairo[qt4]; then
+ echo
+ eerror "When building qt-gui[gtkstyle] from scratch with cairo present,"
+ eerror "cairo must have the qt4 use flag disabled, otherwise the gtk"
+ eerror "style cannot be built."
+ ewarn
+ eerror "You have the following options:"
+ eerror " - rebuild cairo with -qt4 USE"
+ eerror " - build qt-gui with -gtkstyle USE"
+ ewarn
+ eerror "After you successfully install qt-gui, you'll be able to"
+ eerror "re-enable the disabled use flag and/or reinstall cairo."
+ ewarn
+ echo
+ die "can't build qt-gui with gtkstyle USE if cairo has qt4 USE enabled"
confutils_use_depend_all gtkstyle glib
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