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Jack Event Handler
C Shell Objective-C
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What is it?
Jack Event Handler is a daemon that runs custom commands when headphones are plugged/unplugged.

How to use it:
Add /usr/bin/jackeventcmd to your desktop environment autostart. Edit config file ~/.config/jackeventcmd. Sample config can be found in /usr/share/config/jackeventcmd.

How to compile:
$ make
# make install

If you are on Gentoo, you should use ebuild. It is located in directory 'gentoo'.
If you are on Archlinux, you should use PKGBUILD. It is located in directory 'arch'.

How to uninstall:
# make uninstall

- DBus
- jacklistener

Please report bugs to:, registration is needed.

Maxim A. Mikityanskiy
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