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Gentoo Science Overlay
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branch: master

sci-chemistry/modelfree: Fix for new gcc slotting

Package-Manager: portage-2.2.18
latest commit d91b268b9b
@jlec jlec authored
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app-admin/eselect app-admin/eselect: Version Bump
app-benchmarks Sanitize ebuild header
app-doc app-doc/root-docs: 5.34.26 is now in portage
app-forensics/vine app-forensics/vine: Drop keywords, since gmetadom is hardmasked
app-portage/g-octave app-portage/g-octave: Switch from git-2 to git-r3
app-text app-text/dgs: Bump to EAPI=5
app-vim/vim-gromacs Source gone
dev-cpp dev-cpp/eigen: Drop old; fix SLOT operators
dev-java dev-java/hdf-java: fix SLOT operators
dev-lang dev-lang/julia: Add new dependency, fix build.
dev-libs app-editors/neovim is in the tree now
dev-ml dev-ml/zarith: fix SLOT operators; fix usage of die
dev-perl dev-perl/opal-client: Bump to EAPI=5
dev-python dev-python/jupyter-nbviewer: Fix description
dev-tcltk Sanitize ebuild header
dev-tex/pythontex dev-tex/pythontex: Version BUmp
dev-util dev-util/amdapp: Add 3.0_beta
docs Add Meeting log
eclass Moved to tree
licenses new licences needed for FSL package
media-gfx media-gfx/librecad: add tools USE flag to metadata.xml
media-libs media-libs/avbin-bin: Bump EAPI
metadata Ban EAPI=0/1
net-firewall/gcb Sanitize ebuild header
net-ftp net-ftp/bbftp-server: fix SLOT operators
net-misc/bbscp net-misc/bbscp: Version Bump
patches Move large patch into patchdir
perl-core/encoding-warnings perl-core/encoding-warnings: Bump to EAPI=5
profiles Add AMD-APPSDK license
sci-astronomy sci-astronomy/stiff: fix SLOT operators
sci-biology Moved to tree, thanks Ted Tanberry for all the help
sci-chemistry sci-chemistry/modelfree: Fix for new gcc slotting
sci-electronics Sanitize ebuild header
sci-geosciences sci-geosciences/libtcd: Drop local USE description
sci-libs sci-libs/dealii: Ebuild maintenance, remove wrong avx2 use flag
sci-mathematics Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
sci-misc sci-misc/kaldi: version bump
sci-physics added test feature
sci-visualization sci-visualization/mantid: fix SLOT operators; fix whitespaces
scripts Use /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib64
sys-apps/likwid moved to gx86
sys-cluster added live version
sys-devel/gdebugger Sanitize ebuild header
sys-infiniband/librxe Sanitize ebuild header
virtual mpich2 will not be ported to multilib
x11-libs x11-libs/tr: Bump to EAPI=5; respect CC
x11-misc/envytools x11-misc/envytools: Updated github url, Resolves gentoo-science/sci#103
.gitignore ignore dummy package
.travis.yml Serial travis Be more precise on the branching updated for travis ci
skel.ChangeLog Update Copyright Year
skel.ebuild Update Copyright Year
skel.metadata.xml Update Copyright Year

Gentoo Science Overlay

An overlay for Gentoo, geared towards scientific packages.

Homepage: Science Project page

Please fork! We will merge! See this document for more instructions.

Ask for help on irc in #gentoo-science @ freenode.

Report bugs on the github issues site

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