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Installing the SNMP patch is straightforward:
$ tar -zxf freeradius-server-2.1.11.tar.gz
$ cd freeradius-server-2.1.11
$ patch -p1 < ../snmp.patch
$ ./configure --args....
$ make
$ make install
MIB Installation
The traps *REQUIRE* that the files in the "mibs" directory be copied
to the global mibs directory, usually /usr/share/snmp/mibs/.
If this is not done, the "snmptrap" program has no idea what information
to send, and will not work. The MIB installation is *NOT* done as
part of the default installation, so that step *MUST* be done manually.
The global MIB directory can be found by running the following command:
$ snmptranslate -Dinit_mib .1.3 2>&1 | grep MIBDIR | sed "s/' .*//;s/.* '//;s/.*://"
Or maybe just:
$ snmptranslate -Dinit_mib .1.3 2>&1 | grep MIBDIR
If you have copied the MIBs to that directory, you can test the
FreeRADIUS MIBs by running the following command:
$ snmptranslate -m +FREERADIUS-NOTIFICATION-MIB -IR -On serverStart
It should print out:
As always, run the server in debugging mode after enabling the
traps. You will see the "snmptrap" command being run, and it will
print out any errors or issues that it encounters. Those need to
be fixed before running the server in daemon mode.
We also suggest running in debugging mode as the "radiusd" user, if
you have "user/group" set in radiusd.conf. The "snmptrap" program
may behave differently when run as "root" or as the "radiusd" user.
You will also need to edit "radiusd.conf", and uncomment the line saying
# $INCLUDE trigger.conf
That will enable the triggers.
More Documentation
See raddb/trigger.conf for complete documentation.
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