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  debian/ Files to build a radiusd-freeradius Debian package
  doc/ Various snippets of documentation
  raddb/ Sample files for /etc/raddb
  scripts/ Sample scripts for startup and maintenance
  src/ Source code
  todo/ TODO list and assorted files.

Please see the README and other documentation in the doc/ subdirectory

  If you have ANY problems, concerns, or surprises when running the
server, then run it in debugging mode, as root, from the command line:

$ radiusd -X

It will produce a large number of messages. The answers to many
questions, and the solution to many problems, can usually be found in
these messages.

  For further details, see:

  and ./doc/bugs

For more general RADIUS information, the Livington internet site had a
lot of information on radius online. Unfortunately Livingston, and
the site, don't exist anymore but there's a copy of the site still at:

Especially worth a read is the "RADIUS for Unix administrators guide"


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