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FreeRADIUS 2.1.2 Fri Dec 5 17:40:00 CEST 2008; , urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Allow running with "user=radiusd" and binding to secure
* Start sending Status-Server "are you alive" messages earlier,
which helps with proxying multiple realms to a home server.
* Removed thread pool code from rlm_perl. It's not necessary.
* Added example Perl configuration to raddb/modules/perl
* Force OpenSSL to support certificates with SHA256.
This seems to be necessary for WiMAX certs.
Bug fixes
* Fix Debian patch to allow it to build.
* Fix potential NULL dereference in debugging mode on certain
platforms for TTLS and PEAP inner tunnels.
* Fix uninitialized memory in handling of vendor definitions
* Fix parsing of quoted (but non-string) attributes in the "users"
* Initialize uknown NAS IP to, rather than
* use SUN_LEN in control socket, to avoid truncation on some
* Correct internal handling of "debug condition" to prevent it
from being over-written.
* Check return code of regcomp in "unlang", so that invalid
regular expressions are caught rather than mishandled.
* Make rlm_sql use <ltdl.h>. Addresses bug #610.
* Document list "type = status" better. Closes bug #580.
* Set "default days" for certificates, because OpenSSL won't
do it. This closes bug #615.
* Reference correct list in example raddb/modules/ldap.
Closes #596.
* Increase default schema size for Acct-Session-Id to 64.
Closes #540.
* Fix use of temporary files in dialup-admin. Closes #605
and addresses CVE-2008-4474.
* Addressed a number of minor issues found by Coverity.
* Added DHCP option 150 to the dictionary. Closes #618.
FreeRADIUS 2.1.2 Thurs Dec 3 10:47:00 CEST 2008; , urgency=medium
Due to packaging issues, 2.1.2 has been pulled from the net.
FreeRADIUS 2.1.1 Thu Sep 25 11:03:00 CEST 2008; , urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Many more options and features in radmin. See "man radmin" and
* Many more commands available via the control socket. Connect
via "radmin", and type "help" for more information.
* Added dictionary.networkphysics and dictionary.lancom.
* Calculate WiMAX MIP keys, and added sample WiMAX SQL tables.
Bug fixes
* Fixed bug that made radmin not work
* Fixed Suse && Debian package scripts
* Fixed issues with dynamic clients
* Fixed configure checks for -lreadline
* rlm_sqlippool no longer needs to be linked to rlm_sql.
* Add statistics for detail file listeners. This closes bug #593.
* Fixed printing of some WiMAX attributes.
* Fix double free on exit() in rlm_attr_filter
* Fixed build issues on Solaris.
* Fixed fast session resumption for EAP-TLS
FreeRADIUS 2.1.0 Fri Sep 5 13:20:01 CEST 2008; , urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Clients may now be defined dynamically, based on IP address.
See raddb/sites-available/dynamic-clients.
* SNMP support is now available through an experimental Perl script.
See scripts/snmp-proxy/README
* SNMP statistics are available through Status-Server packets.
See raddb/sites-available/status
* Added more Microsoft attributes from bug #568.
* The "linelog" module has more functionality and flexibility.
See raddb/modules/linelog.
* The debugging output has been sanitized. It should be much
more readable.
* Debug logs can now be turned on/off while the server is running, for
a user, group, realm, etc. See the "log" section of radiusd.conf.
* Added support for WiMAX Forum attributes. The dynamic keys
are not yet calculated. See share/dictionary.wimax
* Added session resumption for PEAP and TTLS.
See raddb/eap.conf, "cache" sub-section.
* Added "radmin" command-line tool for administering a running server.
See "man radmin" and raddb/sites-available/control-socket.
Bug fixes
* Double escaping of '\\' in the "users" (and some other) files
has been fixed. If you have '\\' in the "users" file, your
* Parse "security" section in radiusd.conf. This was accidentally
deleted in 2.0.5. Closes bug #566.
* Bind to interface before IP, which allows DHCP sockets to
listen on "*" for multiple interfaces.
* Fix handling of giaddr in DHCP responses.
* Corrected parsing of status_check in home_server so that it works.
* Fix hints so that "Puser" works again.
* Removed length restrictions on attribute names in the dictionaries.
* Update socket code to avoid C compiler optimizations.
FreeRADIUS 2.0.5 ; Date: 2008/06/07 17:17:00 , urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Permit SQL authorize_reply_query to be empty.
* Allow setting response packet type in Post-Proxy-Type Fail
* Added install-chown target to set correct permission and ownership
make RADMIN=radmin RGROUP=radius install-chown
* Support for LDAP-Group and other dynamic comparison attributes
in unlang. Developed from a patch by Jason Alderfer.
* Added chroot support. See radiusd.conf for comments.
* Allow clients of 0/0. We do not recommend using this, though.
* Moved many module configurations into raddb/modules/*
Bug fixes
* Allow proxying to virtual servers for accounting packets, too.
* Added "num fields" function to PostgreSQL client.
* Updated proxy fallback mechanism to validate fallback servers,
and to process fallback requests in a child thread.
* rlm_realm returns "ok" for LOCAL realms, not "noop".
* Fixed some DHCP code handling. The examples should now work.
FreeRADIUS 2.0.4 ; Date: 2008/04/30 08:56:40 , urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Allow "virtual_server" in "realm" and "home_server" sections.
See raddb/proxy.conf and raddb/sites-available/
* Allow "passwd" module to be listed in "accounting" and "post-auth".
* Added "fallback" to "home_server_pool" configuration, to handle
the case of all home servers being dead. See raddb/proxy.conf.
* Added sample text to raddb/sites-available/inner-tunnel which
can simplify debugging of inner tunnel configurations.
* Added regular expression matching in realm names. See
raddb/proxy.conf for examples.
* Added simple DHCP server functionality. For comments, see
* Added file globbing capabilities to detail file reader
* Added sample raddb/sites-available/robust-proxy-accounting
* Clients in SQL can now refer to a virtual server.
Patch from Michael Bretterklieber.
* Added some examples of creating RADIUS administrator in SQL,
and assigning appropriate access rights.
Bug fixes
* Install all files in raddb/sites-available
* Allow non-threaded builds.
* Don't treat '0x' as special for known attributes that are not
of type "octets".
* Fix log error in rlm_pap.
* Remove documentation about non-existent functionality.
* Updated warning messages in debug output.
* Fix handling of timeouts in rlm_ldap that affected 64-bit systems.
This fix was supposed to go into 2.0.3, but did not make it.
* Fix event handling in debug mode for failed proxy requests.
* Fix memleak in fifos. Closes #537.
* Fix memleak on blocked threads. Closes #538.
* Perform additional checks on NULL realms. Closes #541.
* Fix handling of "clients" in "listen" section.
* When detail file cannot process a packet, sleep for longer
to let the rest of the server do something.
* Add missing table to raddb/sql/mssql/schema.sql. Closes #545.
* Updated rlm_sql_postgresql to build with PostgreSQL 7.x.
Closes #533.
* Fix "postauth" of rlm_ldap to look for LDAP-UserDn in the
correct place.
* Update rlm_attr_filter for some corner cases. Closes #543.
* Fixed memory leak in libfreeradius event handler.
* In the SQL Accounting on/off queries, remove the restriction
that the session time had to be zero.
FreeRADIUS 2.0.3 ; Date: 2008/03/17 09:22:17 , urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Updated raddb/certs/ca.cnf with extensions to allow ca.der
to be imported as a CA on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.
Closes bug #524
* Enable multiple matches in "hints" via Fall-Through = Yes.
Closes bug #477
* Added preliminary SQLite driver, contibuted by Apple.
Untested, with no sample configuration. This address bug #470.
* Updated logging sub-system so that log messages from libfreeradius
can go to the log file, and not stdout.
* Added dictionary.rfc5176
* EAP module now checks for instance name, and uses that for
authentication. This avoids the need to set Auth-Type when
there are multiple instances of the EAP module.
* Added Module-Return-Code attribute, which contains the value
returned by the previous module (ok/fail/update/etc.)
Bug fixes
* Corrected typos in rlm_dbm. Closes bugs #521 and #522.
* Detail file "listen" sections now work much better.
* Don't allow old "log_*" to over-ride new format. Closes bug #525
* Initialize allocated memory in Oracle SQL driver. This fixes
occasional crashes on some systems. Closes bug #518
* Call correct function in rlm_protocol_filter. This enables the
module to build. Closes bug #512.
* Added deprecated flag to build for rlm_krb5. This allows it to
run on 64-bit systems. Closes bug #491
* Corrected error message when parsing invalid configurations
so it doesn't crash. Closes bug #527
* Fix handling of timeouts in rlm_ldap that affected 64-bit systems.
* Handle $INCLUDE's in "instantiate" section. Closes #528.
* Format updates to "man" pages from Stephen Gran.
FreeRADIUS 2.0.2 ; Date: 2008/02/14 11:13:48 , urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Added notes on how to debug the server in radiusd.conf
* Moved all "log_*" in radiusd.conf to log{} section.
The old configurations are still accepted, though.
* Added ca.der target in raddb/certs/Makefile. This is
needed for importing CA certs into Windows.
* Added ability send raw attributes via "Raw-Attribute = 0x0102..."
This is available only debug builds. It can be used
to create invalid packets! Use it with care.
* Permit "unlang" policies inside of Auth-Type{} sub-sections
of the authenticate{} section. This makes some policies easier
to implement.
* "listen" sections can now have "type = proxy". This lets you
control which IP is used for sending proxied requests.
* Added note on SSL performance to raddb/certs/README
Bug fixes
* Fixed reading of "detail" files.
* Allow inner EAP tunneled sessions to be proxied.
* Corrected MySQL schemas
* syslog now works in log{} section.
* Corrected typo in raddb/certs/client.cnf
* Updated raddb/sites-available/proxy-inner-tunnel to
permit authentication to work.
* Ignore zero-length attributes in received packets.
* Correct memcpy when dealing with unknown attributes.
* Corrected debugging messages in attr_rewrite.
* Corrected generation of State attribute in EAP. This
fixes the "failed to remember handler" issues.
* Fall back to DEFAULT realm if no realm was found.
Based on a patch from Vincent Magnin.
* Updated example raddb/sites-available/proxy-inner-tunnel
* Corrected behavior of attr_filter to match documentation.
This is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions!
See "man rlm_attr_filter" for details.
FreeRADIUS 2.0.1 ; Date: 2008/01/22 13:29:37 , urgency=low
Feature improvements
* "unlang" has been expanded to do less run-time expansion,
and to have better handling of typed data. See "man unlang"
for documentation and new examples.
Bug fixes
* The 'acct_unique' module has been updated to understand
the deprecated (but still used) Client-IP-Address attribute.
* The EAP-MSCHAPv2 module no longer leaks MS-CHAP2-Success in
* Fixed crash in rlm_dbm.
* Fixed parsing of syslog configuration.
FreeRADIUS 2.0.0 ; Date: 2007/11/24 08:33:09 , urgency=low
Feature improvements
* Debugging mode is much clearer and easier to read.
* A new policy language makes many configurations trivial.
See "man unlang" for a complete description.
* Virtual servers are now supported. This permits clear separation
of policies. See raddb/sites-available/README
* EAP-TLS (PEAP, EAP-TTLS) and OpenSSL certificates "just work".
See raddb/certs/README for details.
* Proxying is much more configurable than before.
See proxy.conf for documentation on pools, and new config items.
* Full support for IPv6.
* Much more complete support for the RADIUS SNMP MIBs.
* HUP now works. Only some modules are re-loaded,
and the server configuation is *not* reloaded.
* "check config" option now works. See "man radiusd"
* radrelay functionality is now included in the server core.
See raddb/sites-available/copy-acct-to-home-server
* VMPS support. It is minimal, but functional.
* Cleaned up internal API's and names, including library names.
Bug fixes
* Many.
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